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IBM Software Delivery and Lifecycle Patterns offer a rich set of Continuous Software Delivery capabilities that help customers reach their market and users at an accelerated pace with high-quality applications at lower costs. These patterns and shared services make it easier for customers to drive collaborative requirements management, development and quality management; and, enables customers to test with confidence in production-like environments with Test Virtualization Services. Finally, Token licensing option offers customers the flexibility to float licenses among required offerings and teams based on roles and lifecycle stages of development.

IBM Software Delivery and Lifecycle Patterns V1.0.1 are now updated with Test Virtualization capabilities, and now comprise:

  1. Virtual system pattern for IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management V4.0.2
  2. Virtual system pattern for IBM Rational Application Developer V8.5.1
  3. Virtual system pattern for IBM Rational Test Workbench V8.5.1
  4. Shared service for IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server (RTVS) V8.5.1, and Rational Performance Test Server (RPTS) V8.5.1
  5. Shared service for IBM Rational License Key Server V8.1.4

Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution V4.0.2 provides seamless integrations across the software disciplines of Change and Configuration Management, Requirements Management, and Quality Management. It connects the work of analysts with development and test teams. This integrated solution delivers the combined capabilities of Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, and Rational Quality Manager in a single virtual system pattern that can be rapidly deployed and dismantled based on needs of agile teams. This pattern encodes the golden topologies and helpful practices of the solution, and is built on top of industry-leading platforms of WebSphere Application Server and DB2.

Rational Application Developer V8.5.1 is an award-winning development environment, optimized for WebSphere Application Server V8.5 and the new Liberty Profile, WebSphere Portal, and IBM Workload Deployer. Rational Application Developer helps accelerate the development of applications that leverage the latest programming models and styles such as Java EE 6, SOA, OSGi, Cloud, Web 2.0, Mobile Web, Portal, SCA, and Modern Batch. It includes tight integration with WebSphere Application Server Unit Test environments to test, debug, fix, analyze, and maintain applications in an environment that mimics your production systems. In addition to delivering these industry-leading capabilities, the virtual system pattern for Rational Application Developer V8.5.1 also provides built-in integration with Eclipse Client of Rational Team Concert.

Rational Test Workbench V8.5.1 provides a comprehensive test automation solution for mobile applications, regression testing, integration technologies and performance and scalability testing. It helps you build intelligent and interconnected enterprise applications that can be deployed on traditional and cloud infrastructures. With Rational Test Workbench, you can significantly reduce test cycle times, moving integration testing earlier in the development lifecycle.

Rational Test Virtualization Server V8.5.1 IBM® Rational® Test Virtualization Server enables the deployment of virtualized (simulation) services, software, and applications for simplified, efficient testing. It accelerates the delivery of complex test environments and enables you to complete integration testing earlier and more frequently in the development cycle.

Rational Performance Test Server V8.5.1 offers a workload test engine that allows you to validate application performance and scalability. The solution maximizes use of your test infrastructure to quickly deploy load scenarios and create large-scale system test activity.

Rational License Key Server V8.1.4 enables you to manage license keys for IBM Rational software. This shared service helps you manage your licenses from within the IBM PureApplication System and IBM Workload Deployer environments.

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