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IBM WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway XG45 Virtual Edition

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WebSphere DataPower Gateway Appliances drive business agility by providing an innovative, pragmatic approach to rapidly enable security, control, integration & optimized access to a full range of Web, Mobile, API, SOA, B2B and Cloud workloads in a multi-function, purpose-built, highly consumable, hardened, DMZ-ready appliance.  These appliances help to reduce cost and complexity while improving time-to-value and performance.

WebSphere DataPower Service Gateway XG45 Virtual Edition is designed to provide industry-leading workload security, optimization, and integration functionality similar to the corresponding physical appliance model for virtual environments, it provides:

  • Rapid provisioning of elastic gateway appliance solutions in private clouds

  • Virtual images ready for use in patterns as gateways to help provide security, control, optimization, and integration for web, mobile, API, SOA, B2B, and cloud workloads

  • Gateway appliances optimized for virtualized environments utilizing a purpose-built platform including an embedded DataPower Operating System, helping to enable quick time to value for solutions, while providing elasticity and efficient system utilization

  • Enhanced security for services, applications, and data with customizable, scalable and automated service visibility and governance while providing dynamic content-based routing, intelligent load distribution and light integration capability

Optional Features:

Application Optimization for DataPower is an optional feature that provides:

  • Self-balancing across a cluster of DataPower appliance eliminating the need for external frontend load balancer

  • Intelligent load distribution (ILD) to backend server instances based on realtime workload and topology data

  • Session affinity to backend server instances

The Data Integration Module for DataPower is an optional feature that includes:

  • Option for Database Connectivity, including support for complex Oracle data types

  • Ability to perform any-to-any message transformation

  • Ability to perform cryptographic actions on non-XML messages

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