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The grass roots of business intelligence start with data marts. Most clients need one or more data marts which contain an aggregated subset of online operational data. These data marts often exist to answer certain specific business scenario questions .Typically the data mart ties into tools used for specialized analysis and reporting such as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).  Data Marts have unique operational demands stemming from this type of ad-hoc business analysis processing.
Optimized for the IBM PureApplication System, the IBM Data Mart Pattern provides a set of capabilities that are essential to the provisioning and management of data mart infrastructure in a secure, private cloud.
Key functions enabled by the IBM Data Mart Pattern are:

  • Simple data mart creation, configuration and deployment
  • Databases optimized using in-memory columnar technologies (BLU Acceleration)
  • Compression for improved performance and efficient use of storage
  • SQL Warehousing tools for creating and modifying physical models, control flows and data flows  
  • Easy integration with security and backup processes    
  • Simple data mart deployment cloning
  • Compatibility support for Oracle Database applications
  • Integrated diagnostic and monitoring

This Data Mart pattern can help Information Technology (IT) reduce operational complexity by enabling self-service features that empower the application groups to provision data marts on their own to meet their reporting needs in a simple and secure fashion. By reducing the time required for administering data marts, more resources can be devoted to developing new solutions and innovation.

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