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ProfitPoint is a fully integrated distribution system comprised of several modules including order processing, warehouse management, purchasing, financial accounting and decision support.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    ProfitPoint is TurningPoint Systems flagship Distribution Management software for wholesale distributors. ProfitPoint is uniquely postioned to meet the needs of distributors in the pharmaceutical, candy & tobacco, and food service distribution segments. Its real time synchronized processing links all the key functions of a wholesale distributor through the following modules:

    Distribution Management: ProfitPoint's Distribution management capabilities have evolved to provide a broad array of logistics functionality. ProfitPoint has been engineered to take the complexity out of controlled substance reporting, while keeping the wholesale distribution process simple to manage.

    Warehouse Management: ProfitPoint was designed to drive the entire warehouse process from regulatory compliance to order allocation, picking, shipping, replenishment and financial accounting. ProfitPoint provides our customers with detailed information on inventory, warehouse utilization, and productivity. 

    Order Entry: ProfitPoint provides comprehensive order entry functionality across the supply chain, including the ability to utilize mobile technologies 

    Purchasing: ProfitPoint was designed to provide complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipt 

     Integrated Financials: Profitpoint's financials provide a comprehensive view of your company's performance using real time data 

    Business Case

    • To Improve Customer Satisfaction
    • Provide Faster, more accurate delivery
    • Improve Sales Force Productivity
    • Utilize mobile technology to reduce operating costs through on road invoicing and settlement
    • Provide flexible price, promotion, and rebate management

    Business Problem

    • Simplified tracking of regulated products such as tobacco and Rx
    • Dramatically increase inventory turns while increasing in stock rates
    • Enhance the efficiency of the entire supply chain
    • Reduced labor costs

  • -Technical Details

    ProfitPoint delivers end-to-end functionality to the wholesale distributor. From the time the order is placed with the manufacturer, to the time the product is received by the customer, ProfitPoint manages the movement of inventory and financial information in real-time, thus meeting the needs of the small to medium-sized distributor.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Sandra Callahan


    Phone: 1-888-414-3126

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