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MessagePlus/Open - Universal Communication for Business Applications

Provided by:INTERCOPE GmbH
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MessagePlus/Open is a enterprise messaging solution including support for fax, fax over IP, SMS, and email. Outgoing messages are sent directly from any integrated application. Incoming messages are automatically distributed to databases, mail addresses, applications or devices.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MessagePlus/Open enables information exchange between a wide variety of applications and communication networks. It runs on several enterprise operating systems, integrates with major information processing systems, and allows the building of complex message processing workflow scenarios to reflect specific business logic.

    Outgoing messages (fax, fax over IP, e-mail, or SMS) are sent directly from any MessagePlus/Open integrated application. Incoming messages are automatically distributed to databases, mail addresses, applications or devices.

    Business processes can be improved by allowing MessagePlus/Open to manage your entire corporate messaging traffic, archive received messages into your document management system, route to mailboxes, printers, GSM devices, as well as applications, and deliver specifically tailored information to your customers, suppliers and partners. MessagePlus/Open provides you with the ability to seamlessly integrate workflow and business communications.

    MessagePlus/Open includes a mature, reliable and powerful implementation of Fax over IP. As this is a pure software solution, there is no need for fax boards reducing cost and allowing the implementation of the complete system in virtualized environments. The solution has been tested for interoperability with equipment from all the major VoIP suppliers.

    Business Case

    Customer Benefits

    MessagePlus/Open provides an infrastructure to easily connect multiple back office business applications with any user, whether internal or external, with speed and efficiency, through the most appropriate communications channel.

    Major benefits include:

    • Central control over all messages, including comprehensive audit trail and document history as part of a document management strategy
    • Reduced communications and infrastructure costs through optimal use of communications channels leading to a lower cost of ownership and rapid return on investment
    • Enhanced user productivity through streamlining existing processes, maximising resources and eliminating labour intensive tasks
    • Improved efficiency by shortening the business cycle leading to higher customer satisfaction

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Communication Channels

    • Fax
    • Fax over IP
    • SMTP
    • SMS

    Application Integration

    • Email
    • SAP
    • IBM Content Manager
    • IBM FileNet
    • Printing systems
    • Output Management
    • Input Management
    • IBM WebSphere MQ
    • File Exchange
    • Database Interface
    • Webservices


    • Workflow Engine
    • Directory Synchronization
    • Webclient
    • SNMP Integration
    • High Availability
    • Virtualization

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Horst Lühring


    Phone: +49 40 51452-0

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