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Version:Global Access Control
CONTROLER complements standard IBM i OS security by adding a layer of security to either classic or adopted authority mode. CONTROLER has two modules: Access Protocol Control and Command Control.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Any company using a network providing access to their IBM i POWER SYSTEM server creates a breach in their server’s security. CONTROLER enables you to protect accurately every data on your server, accessible via the network (FTP, Client Access, ODBC, Remote Command,…) or via an OS/400 command. Depending on the user profile, the library, the file, the type of operation,… you will be able to prevent the access, to inform via email the person on charge of security, or simply to record the event. Computer systems are being consolidated and recent Laws on financial security have reinforced requirements in terms of computer security and auditing. In this context, CONTROLER provides a powerful and flexible solution to protect your IBM i POWER SYSTEM. It can also audit all SQL statements.

    Business Case

    • Significantly reduce the time and cost for regulatory compliance
    • Record security incidents, then act effectively and efficiently
    • Encourage best practices
    • Stop fraudulent activity

    Business Problem

    • Secures your data with powerful and flexible data-centric rules that are easy to maintain
    • Blocks SQL statements and commands according to precise user-defined criteria
    • Performs actions and alerts via e-mail, popup, journal, etc.
    • Capacity to interface with leading SIEM consoles
    • Produces reports on CONTROLER activity in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, XLS, etc.)
    • And more

  • -Technical Details

    CONTROLER provides the means to control access to the IBM i POWER SYSTEM data for any TELNET, FTP, DDM, Client Access,… event, as well as for OS/400 commands. It can also audit all SQL statements. CONTROLER allows to use configured controls for several types of access. It is based on a powerful engine able to combine multiple conditions. Update of controls is carried out instantly. The treatment of the log of rejected events enables you to complete the lists of values used in conditions. CONTROLER can carry out actions such as sending emails or text messages, entering data in a file or a journal, launching a program…

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Guy MARMORAT


    Phone: +33 4 50 69 45 98

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