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DocOrigin (CentOS)

Eclipse Corporation WSL Inc.
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Provided by:Eclipse Corporation WSL Inc.
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Version:DocOrigin V3.0
DocOrigin for IBM AIX®, RedHat®, CentOS IBM i®: Dynamic design and generation of business documents & forms for transactional or batch jobs. Merge your data with templates to produce high fidelity documents/forms for Oracle®, QAD, JD Edwards, IBS, IFS, SAP, Epicor, Infor, etc! Fillable HTML, PDF Forms.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Business documents are important. DocOrigin allows you to combine your data with dynamic templates to produce any business form or document. We delivered the first IBM AS/400® e-forms solution with a GUI designer in 1992. Today we deliver DocOrigin for IBM AIX®, CentOS, and IBM i®. Create transactional forms, correspondence communications with better branding, promotional advertising dynamically added to your customer facing documents. Produce any combination of forms or electronic documents. Works with all business applications!

    Use with XML data streams, spool, print image and CSV files are also supported.

    Generate multiple documents in a single run, auto archive documents with metadata or full text search solutions.

    PDF generation at up to 15,000 pages per minute.

    Generic Windows® drivers.

    PDF, PDF-A, PDF compression (save 80+ % on PDF file size), embedded fonts, bookmarks, encryption, and password protection.

    Dynamic expandable table layout including page overflow handling of headers and footers.

    Integrated Javascript®. Unicode-compliant text processing including integrated support for Chinese, Thai, and other Asian fonts.

    Easily integrated data merge module can be called from existing applications.

    Data stream pre-processing for XML, Spool, ASCII Print Image, CSV, FRL, data streams.

    PDF file post-processing allows extraction of single documents from large multi-document files.

    Business Case

    Grow your business with the power of personalization and maximize productivity. In today’s competitive business world, companies are turning to personalized communications that deliver unique and relevant messaging for each and every recipient to increase customer loyalty and to expand their customer base. You need the most powerful tools available to produce these high demands, highly customized documents and forms, but you also need to maximize your efficiency, output and ROI. Dynamic data driven jobs don’t have to be difficult. However, they need to be profitable to get business unit managers to provide the funds to make these campaigns work. You can’t keep forcing these tasks on IT and you don’t want to.

    Now personalized document productions doesn’t have to be complex, time-consuming or costly. DocOrigin delivers the fastest dynamic data driven personalized printing and electronic presentation methodology available—decreasing the time you spend on document design, file preparation, composition and output. No matter if you choose hard copy or electronic, multichannel delivery and color or monochrome, cut sheet or continuous feed, your entire operation will be more productive with DocOrigin.

    Use existing data; deliver un-matched presentation and delivery methods! No matter what the data source DocOrigin can present and delivery your information in ways you only dreamed about. No expensive upgrades to your business software or changes orders that create a never ending maintenance nightmare.

    XML, CSV, Spool, Print Image, FRL, data files, no problem, give DocOrigin your data and DocOrigin will Rock Your World!

    Business Problem

    With DocOrigin you can create, design, any business document or form. Merge data form any business software and present high fidelity simple or complex business forms and correspondence. Automatically delivery your information electronically in real time or generate high volume batch output for print, email, fax, web, and archive.

    Create transactional customer facing documents or forms to collect data from users on smartphones, tablets, PC’s.

  • -Technical Details

    Design any business document/form ,merge data from any line of business application to produce interactive or batch documents deliver automatically via print, fax, cloud™ fax, portal, email.

    Output in PCL, PDF. PS, HTML, HTML5 (Fillable Forms), PDF (Fillable Forms).

    High performance 15,000+ PDF surfaces per minute.

    Merge your XML, Spool, ASCII Print Image, CSV, FRL, data streams with templates.

    PDF file post-processing allows extraction of single documents from large multi-document files. Generate multiple output presentations from a single input file, for instance print statements and produce PDF for archive simultaneously. Sort & Burst batch files.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: William Luke

    Email: Info@EclipseCorp.US

    Phone: +1-678-408-1245

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