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Galileo Performance Explorer Private Cloud for CentOS

Advanced Technology Services Group, LLC
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Provided by:Advanced Technology Services Group, LLC
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Improve IT capacity planning and utilization with charting simplified into a cloud™-based tool that delivers hundreds of performance analysis perspectives for server and storage hardware and virtualized environments.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Proactive planning, not reactive alarms

    Galileo Performance Explorer provides deeper insight into server and storage performance than any other tool. That means more analytical capabilities for proactive system management, so you can be more efficient utilizing existing resources and more accurate at predicting and planning for future capacity needs.

    An analytical tool that responds to the way you think

    Unlike reactive performance-monitoring tools designed to issue alarms in response to system overloads, Galileo gives you the means to identify and prevent bottlenecks before they become critical.

    Private Cloud™ Virtual Application Solution

    Galileo Performance Explorer can be implemented as either as a Public (SaaS) or a Private Cloud solution. The Galileo Performance Explorer Private Cloud solution allows companies with strict security requirements to realize the benefits of Galileo without the worry of data exposure. This solution allows customers to maintain an onsite virtual application so that performance data remains securely behind the firewall.

    For our Public Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, please refer to our "Galileo Performance Explorer Cloud Agent" listings in the Global Solutions Directory.

    Business Case

    Encourage collaboration across IT and business functions

    With its intuitive web interface and easy-to-understand charts, Galileo Performance Explorer™ demystifies virtualization and infrastructure performance for technical and business decision-makers alike. All stakeholders can access data that is relevant to them, from anywhere in the world.

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    • Deeper perspectives. Analyze server/storage operations more than a hundred ways.
    • Custom insights. Personalize your dashboard with the metrics you need most.
    • Quick results. Generate new system insights within minutes of installation.
    • Pinpoint precision. Five-minute granularity avoids skewed data from historical summaries.
    • Virtual servers. View consolidated workloads and workgroups.
    • Cloud convenience. Access detailed graphical analysis from any browser window.
    • Carefree solution. Eliminate the need for dedicated monitoring hardware/software.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Chris Richford


    Phone: (484) 320-4302

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