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Version:v 1.0
MappIn is an innovative tool that automates to quickens the process of creating the Mapping Requirement Sheet (MRS) for Sterling Integrator mapping. With the help of MappIn businesses can create a validated and efficient MRS document that maps data between different trading partners, in a time efficient and simple manner.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Translation is an integral part of any B2B integration. It is required to map inbound/outbound file structures for partners and vendors. The process of creating a MRS Document has always been a challenge for businesses as it is cumbersome and time consuming. Business fields, predefined logic, business and transformation logic and mapping fields of both internal and external partners are a prerequisite for any new mapping project with Sterling Integrator. Today, businesses spend more than 40% of their effort on mapping processes. To take a simple example, for a retailer with multiple supply chain participants the quantum of effort increases manifold due to the large number of fields that need to be mapped between his purchase orders and vendor’s sales orders. Undertaking this process manually is error prone and usually requires multiple iterations and ultimately expensive corrective actions. MappIn which is a browser based and stand alone application which offers Auto Mapping feature, which facilitates the customers in creating and managing cross-referencing relationships which is nothing but creation of Mapping Requirement Specification (MRS) which can be incorporated in MAP generation by Map Editors. This application helps in automation of MRS creation and reduces the overall time and effort involved from 3-5 days to 3 hours. The elements are mapped using HCL Mapping Intelligence. Users can save and export MRS in excel format. Users can also get experts opinion online.

    Business Case

    An innovative tool that automates and quickens the process of creating the Mapping Requirement Sheet (MRS) for Data Translations. Through MappIn, businesses can create a validated and efficient MRS document that maps data between different trading partners/entities in a simple manner.

    Business Problem

    Business Problems / Challenges faced in conventional process • Multiple Iterations involved • Dependency on Technical Expertise • Enhanced Effort • Error prone

  • -Technical Details

    • Supports multiple file formats – excel, xml, xsd, csv, Flat File, positional • User & Partner Management • Import of Source and Destination template files in different file formats like XML, Excel & XSD • Edit and manage Source and Destination template Files • Auto populates MRS using Reference Data • Ability to add custom elements and mapping • Save and Export MRS in excel format, e.g. xls, xlsx • Standard/Custom report generation • Event notification • Role based Security and Access Control • Intuitive cross validation against reference MRS data • Quick & easy review and editing of pre populated MRS • Revision and Version management of source, destination and mapping • Activity tracking and audit Logs

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    Provider Information

    Name: Sekhar Babu


    Phone: +919810284010

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