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CreditCardXpress Appliance

IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:CFXWorks,Inc.
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This CreditCardXpress ™ appliance is a payment solution for credit, debit, purchase, check and gift cards that targets users of IBM's PureSystems®. It supports open and closed loop gift cards. It runs on CentOS, MySQL and Apache Tomcat and supports Elavon, the fourth largest credit card processor in North America.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    CreditCardXpress supports the following capabilities:

    • Processes payment card (credit, purchase, debit, check and gift cards) transactions.
    • Sends transactions directly to the processor's servers bypassing 3rd party processors therefore eliminating their processing fees, security vulnerabilities, performance issues and reliability issues.
    • Implemented consistent with the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards. PCI DSS validated by Trustwave.
    • Certified to the Elavon network for eCommerce, Mail Order Telephone Order and Retail.
    • Browser based user interface that supports manual entry of transactions.
    • A web service interface for use by programmers familiar with HTML or XML.
    • Supports the following credit card transaction types: SALE, PRE-AUTHORIZATION, Supports multiple merchant accounts and multiple Terminal IDs per merchant account. Uses an Identity Access Management (IAM) base to enforce user authentication and authorization.
    • Supports numerous security and quality control features including AVS, CVV2, 256-bit encryption, message digests, LUHN formula validation, card numbers masking, IBM® and Elavon certification.
    • Integrated fraud protection services provided by Subuno. Accept or reject transactions based on user defined rules.
    • Support for DB2®, MySQL and SQL Server.
    • Convenience fee support based on rules imposed by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

    Business Case

    • Reduced Cost... an affordable payment card solution built to run on IBM PureSystems™ with no 3rd party processing fees.
    • Improved Security... implemented consistent with PCI DSS to reduce the resources required by the merchant to achieve PCI DSS compliance.
    • Improved Quality Control... certified by Elavon and IBM® to reduced the possibility of error and the cost of implementing and maintaining solutions.
    • Reduced Skill Levels... reduced skill level of programmers responsible for implementing and maintaining credit card solutions by providing browser based interface, a drop-in BUY BUTTON and APIs deployed using simple web services.

    Business Problem

    Merchants want solutions that:

    • Allow them to negotiate fees directly with a processor, not 3rd parties.
    • Do not lock them into proprietary H/W or S/W.
    • Give them database flexibility.
    • Integrate with frontend and backend systems using web services or data queues.
    • Automatically encrypt sensitive card data. Have been PCI DSS verified.

  • -Technical Details

    Processor Supported:

    • Elavon
    • No 3rd party processors involved

     Credit Card Transaction Types Supported:

    • SALE
    • FORCE
    • CREDIT
    • VOID
    • PURGE

    Market Segments Supported:

    • e-Commerce
    • Retail
    • Mail Order Telephone Order Security

    Features Supported:

    • 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption
    • MD5 Digital Signatures
    • Luhn Formula validation
    • Credit Card number masking
    • AVS
    • CVV2
    • Tokens
    • Multiple fraud protection suites

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Al Nickles


    Phone: 678-455-0952

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