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Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud™

Affirmed Networks, Inc.
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Provided by:Affirmed Networks, Inc.
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Affirmed Networks Mobile Content Cloud™ delivers unmatched virtualized subscriber management and policy aware service orchestration solutions that bundle 4G evolved packet core functions, SGW, PGW, GGSN, PCRF, Proxy, with rich application and content delivery services. Enabled on PureSystems™ for integrated expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Affirmed Networks is led by a veteran team of executives and technologists from the mobile telecommunications industry’s most successful companies, including AT&T®, Cisco, Sonus, Starent, and Cascade. Backed by venture capital and strategic investors T-Venture and Vodafone Ventures, Affirmed Networks delivers unmatched virtualized subscriber management and policy aware service orchestration solutions that bundle evolved packet core functions SGW, PGW, GGSN, Proxy, PCRF with rich application and content delivery services in industry-leading solutions; the Mobile Content Cloud™, and the Acuitas service management system.

    These currently-deployable solutions are poised to significantly transform and advance the state of mobile data networks with value-added services, high performance, excellent scalability, high resiliency, and content-delivery capabilities that far surpass incumbent vendor solutions.

    The Mobile Content Cloud and the Acuitas service management system are generally available and in trials with operators around the world.

    Business Case

    Affirmed Networks enables mobile operators to deploy a virtualized mobile network – completely revolutionizing the wireless network infrastructure.

    Affirmed’s solution, called the Mobile Content Cloud™, elevates service orchestration magnitudes above industry standards and delivers virtualized subscriber management and policy-aware services that are bundled with 3G and 4G gateway functionality for rich application and content delivery. Affirmed’s technology supersedes existing approaches of monolithic, discrete nodes for each service with a dynamic, flexible, and highly-scalable solution that meets today’s data usage requirements and evolves with projected trends.

    Affirmed Networks is backed by venture capital investors Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, and Lightspeed Venture Partners, as well as by strategic investors T-Venture and Vodafone Ventures.

    Business Problem

    Nearly all wireless operators around the globe are deploying LTE rapidly. The first generations of purpose-built packet core elements are in adequate to cope with the tremendous volume of signaling and data usage that 4G smart phones generate.

    Wireless operators would like to offer new services jointly with internet players such as Amazon®, Google® and need a solution to rapidly offer this capability. Network optimization and QoE are key issues.

  • -Technical Details

    Virtualized mobile broadband software architecture

    Gateways: SGW, PGW, GGSN, PCRF, Proxy

    VoLTE and RCS

    Service Orchestration

    Subscriber Charging Platform

    Integrated Content Delivery

    Integrated Security

    Web & Video Optimization

    RAN Aware Optimization

    Application Signature Analysis

    Machine to Machine Applications Support

    Inter-working with Small Cells and WiFi with unified policy

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Amir Atai


    Phone: 1-978-268-0800

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