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Version:4.1 OVA
MLArchiver combines email archiving with analytics for IBM® systems. This unique software is a virtual appliance which meets regulatory, legal and policy management requirements. It is packaged as both an Enterprise application or as a license to Managed Service Providers looking to offer email archiving as a service.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    MLArchiver is an intelligent archiving and compliance monitoring system that speeds up investigations, reduces litigation costs, manages compliance policies, and cuts IT operational expenses – reducing business risk.

    In addition to accurately copying, indexing, and storing your critical electronic messages, MLArchiver is optimized to reduce searching and retrieval time, which translates to lower costs. We accomplish this in several ways:

    Our exclusive Analytic technology can produce results in seconds for more than 80 of the most frequently searched items, including senders, recipients, social security numbers, confidential data, medical content, offensive language and much more.

    Message Logic’s state-of-the-art searching technology enables you to find exactly what you need without wasting time. All messages are indexed in real-time and are immediately ready for searching. Capabilities include powerful exact, phrase, fuzzy, and proximity searches with compound Boolean expressions.

    The MLArchiver is a fully integrated solution that includes compliance, litigation hold, and policy management features in a single, easy-to-use, browser-based interface. It arrives fully configured at your facility and typically takes less than an hour to install.

    Available as an Enterprise software solution or as a license model for managed service providers to offer a hosted cloud solution to their customers.  

    Business Case

    Businesses worldwide are faced with the challenge of managing email messages as corporate records.  They are further challenged with the fact that every message sent by an employee becomes a record which the Company may be liable for in the future.

     The unique combination of email archiving with analytics helps companies to not only meet the regulatory and legal requirements of storing and producing emails as records, but also to enforce corporate policies and limit corporate liabilities by intelligently monitoring message for possible issues.  The MLArchiver has 80 categories of analytics which helps business to stay in compliance and enforce corporate policies.

    Message Logic has built our application into an OVA image designed to quickly and easily install on an IBM® PureFlex™ system.  This virtual image takes advantage of the scalability in both storage and processing to deliver a powerful solution which will meet your needs today and in the future.  

    For Enterprise we have a standard software model and sell our solution as an enterprise license based on the number of user/employees being archived.   

     For Managed Service Providers we offer our software for no initial cost and work as a partner to deliver email archiving as a service.  Our MSP partners are then billed monthly based on active subscribed users.

     For Enterprises or Managed Service Providers we offer a free trail of our solution. 

    Business Problem

    Regulations worldwide are demanding that businesses react quickly to requests for information and control the content of messages.

    Email is introduced in more than 80% of court cases.  Courts allow a Plaintiff or Defendant to request email as evidence.  Many businesses leave these meetings with a court order to produce years of email messages.  

    MLArchiver makes it easy to stay in compliance, enforce corporate policies to and produce evidence quickly when required.   

  • -Technical Details

    • Turns email, IM and other electronic communications into "corporate records"
    • Meets regulatory requirements such as SEC/FINRA (17a(4), HiPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Freedom of Information Act and more
    • Full-text index of all messages
    • Customer set retention policies
    • Advanced Legal Discovery Search capabilities
    • Message Logic exclusive Analytics
    • 80 Analytic categories
    • Real-time alerts on potential policy violations
    • Supervision with random sampling, % sampling
    • Compliance Reports
    • Audit trail
    • IBM® Virtual Image for fast, scale and deployment  

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Stephen Catanzano


    Phone: 2125644922

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