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Trivantis Corporation
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Provided by:Trivantis Corporation
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Version: 1.6
Lectora Online is an online elearning content creation environment modeled on the world leading Lectora Desktop products. Users can develop, collaborate, review and project manage an unlimited number of elearning courses from their browser 24hrs x 7.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Lectora Online is perfect for eliminating bottlenecks that occur in linear development such as approvals and reviews, driving down production costs and speeding up delivery of finished content.

    Lectora Online is a cyclical development environment where instructional designers, developers, customers and project managers can collaborate together to create high quality elearning content for standard desktop and mobile delivery.

    Lectora Online uses the power of the cloud to deliver a unique elearning content creation environment.

    Key features include:

    *Storyboarding directly in Lectora Online

    *Importing PowerPoint files for development

    *Collaborate in teams

    *Project Management

    *Check In and Check out down to object level

    *Version control *Online review of courses with your end-user or customer

    *SCORM, AICC and 508 compliancy

    *Centralized dynamic library of content objects, images, logos, etc

    *Dynamic and automatic updating of objects - update once and populate the changes through your courses

    *Import to and Export content from Lectora desktop versions

    *Live Model Gallery with more than 5,000 high resolution images and 33 flash models

    Lectora Online is for large or medium elearning course development requirements. For smaller requirements i.e. ten or twenty courses per year look at Lectora desktop, or in an informal, social setting use Snap & Snap Empower.

    Business Case

    Lectora Online is a world-leading online content authoring system. Any organization that needs a high quality, high production content creation environment should look at Lectora Online.

    When coupled to Coursemill 6.7 and the IBM PureFlex® System it produces one of the best elearning and mobile learning platforms available today.

    Lectora Online is deliverable on the cloud using the IBM PureFlex platform for a reliable and powerful hosted solution.

    Business Problem

    In Lectora Online the usual bottlenecks present in linear development projects are almost completely eradicated. The approval and review process is built-in to the project so that feedback and approvals can be fed continuously into the project, and through browser access this occurs even whilst people are mobile.

    In Lectora Online the entire project can be managed incl. activities such as Storyboarding which often occur outside development.

  • -Technical Details

    Creating elearning content online in a collaborative environment

    Project management of elearning content production

    Online review of courses

    SCORM, AICC and 508 compliant

    Import for Powerpoint files

    Import and Export for Lectora files

    All standard files types for images, video, audio, documents are supported

    You Tube Video Streaming support

    Centralized dynamic library/ repository for objects

    Browser support for IE, Firefox®, Safari, and other browser types

    Publish to mobile, smartphone, iPad®, iPhone, LMS, Coursemill, Web, CD

    Templates included for fast creation of content

    Quizzes and Surveys wizard

    Flash Games Wizard

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Simon Birt


    Phone: 1 513 206 9767 x505

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