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secureXchange is a robust, intelligent, secure and highly-scalable managed file transfer solution. It supports most communication protocols (namely: AS2, FTP, SFTP, mailboxing, etc.) secureXchange is your scalable gateway—both within the walls of your enterprise or outside of it.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    secureXchange  key features and benefits:

    Secure: Each exchange can be configured to be encrypted and signed; even data at-rest or in-transit on your file system can be encrypted.

    Supports All Messaging Protocols: SFTP Server, FTP/S Client, FTP/S Server, AS2, AS1 SMTP/POP3, HTTP/S Client and Server.

    Flexible Deployment: End users can download the software and install quickly.

    Scalable: The solution will grow with your company needs, keeping the same user experience and giving you the same flexibility and level of security.

    Easy-to-Use: Includes a modern web-based user interface which makes it easy for members of your organization.

    Auditable: Contains end-to-end tracking, reporting, and real-time alerts; complete operational features from a set of dashboards exposed in the GUI.

    Multi-Platform Support: Java-based and works with a diverse set of operating systems (e.g., Windows and Linux).

    Self-Contained: Contains an embedded H2 database, web server, FTP server, SFTP server, AS2 server; so there is no need to depend on third party tools.

    Support for Multi-Tiered Networks: DMZ and internal network components.

    Community Management: Self-service web portal that empowers users to independently exchange and track large files.


    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    ·         Hub and Spoke Nodes

    ·         Centralized Configuration

    ·         MFT Enterprise Gateway

    ·         Highly Scalable

    ·         Distributed Deployment

    ·         High Availability/Load Balancing

    ·         Multi-tenant/SAAS

    ·         Ad-Hoc Web Users

    ·         J2EE Based

    ·         Web Services

    ·         Mail Boxing

    ·         Oracle, SQL Server and Embedded database support

    ·         Multiple protocols support (SFTP, FTP/S, AS2, AS1, http/s)

    ·         Alerts and notifications

    ·         Archiving / purging


  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Don Miller


    Phone: 866-446-2935

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