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Vidispine is an API video asset management platform. It is a content repository that makes it easy to create solutions to meet the needs and requirements of any part of the media industry
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    Pattern Overview

    Vidispine can help you quickly build software and services where video is a critical component. Vidispine is a dynamic API platform that ISVs, system integrators and service providers can use to create the best possible solution for their clients. Vidispine offer a MAM/DAM solutions that can be adapted to clients business process management systems. Managing these complex workflows that deliver hundreds of terabytes of digital content in many different formats, on various platforms and in multiple location is a huge challenge. We represent a new, innovative approach for next generation video management solutions. Present day tapeless asset management solutions typically consist of traditional ‘closed’ broadcast hardware and applications that communicate with each other with custom ‘point-to-point’ interfaces. These solutions are difficult to maintain and lack the flexibility to quickly adapt to changed requirements. Next generation solutions are open, modular and use standard interfaces reducing many of the drawbacks of earlier solutions. Where an enterprise solution requires considerable integration effort to other systems, a modular solution with standard interfaces better meets the time and budget requirements of nowadays customers because it connects easier to existing systems and provides a foundation for a future growth path. This approach makes maximum use of off-the-shelf applications to build the overall solution.

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  • -Technical Details

    Metadata & Search Native multi-lingual support Metadata extraction: MXF, XMP, QT etc, closed captioning, subtitles, Limit search results on user/groups or metadata/flags Plug-in architecture Transcoding & Multi-format management Keyframes & thumbnails: Video, 3D objects, audio wave form Scene change detection, face recognition Multi-core support Container processing Multi-site Supports both centralized and fully distributed models. Rule-based sync engine which optimizes storage and bandwidth Configurable virtual storage areas: DAS, SAN, NAS, HSM jobs, rules, purging Frame accurate partial restore and item consistency Audit trails Statistics Versioning Notifications Job scheduling

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    Provider Information

    Name: Erik Åhlin


    Phone: +46760277463

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