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Porticor provides a data encryption and key management solution to protect your confidential data. It is a virtual appliance that is installed in minutes, 100% in your cloud account.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Porticor combines state of the art data encryption with patented key management to offer the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective solution for ensuring data security in the cloud. The Porticor Virtual Private Data is a virtual appliance that is installed in your cloud account within minutes. Through the intuitive management console, it’s easy to encrypt any disk or data storage unit with the proven AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. Porticor’s patented Virtual Key Management service solves the biggest challenge for data encryption in the cloud – storing the keys. Patented split-key encryption technology increases security by an order of magnitude, protecting keys even when they are in use in the cloud. Porticor Virtual Private Data is the only system available that offers the convenience of cloud-based hosted key management without sacrificing trust. Each disk or data object is encrypted with a unique key which is split in two. The first part – the master key – is common to all data objects in the application. It remains the sole possession of the application owner. The second part is different for each disk or data object and is stored by the Porticor Key Management Service. As the application accesses the data store, Porticor uses both parts of the key to dynamically encrypt and decrypt the data. Porticor Virtual Private data is scalable and elastic, and is available in a variety of cost-effective subscription models to fit the needs of businesses of any size.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    1. Full data layer encryption
    2. Patented split-key encryption technology
    3. Secure, cloud-based key management
    4. Fast installation and setup
    5. Central management and control
    6. High performance

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    Provider Information

    Name: Ariel Dan


    Phone: +972-72-729-4673

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