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Version: 6.7
Virtual Bridges' VERDE with Storage Optimizer is a highly-scalable virtual desktop solution. It supports traditional virtual desktop environments, highly performing and available remote branches, and Windows and Linux disconnected users. VERDE technology is the foundation for the IBM Virtual Desktop. It is enabled on PureSystems for rapid deployment.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology has been around for a long time. Its infancy can be traced back to the network computing and thin client movements of the 1990’s.Early adopters could see promise in the technology but also acknowledged major inhibitors blocking corporate or agency wide acceptance and achieving higher value. This was when the VERDE™ technology was born – the basis of Virtual Bridges VERDE™and the IBM Virtual Desktop with VERDE™ solutions. The VERDE™ technology addresses critical virtual desktop infrastructure issues that lead to a VDI disillusionment trough. It was a trough that was based on three overriding customer concerns with VDI's cost, complexity and coverage.

    The VERDE™ technology addresses these three areas with integrated Storage Optimizer™ that eliminates the Achilles heel of the VDI industry;  a default deployment model that delivers an out-of-the-box persistent and personalized end-user desktop experience while controlling IT costs with centralized administration; scales horizontally in the data center like a web-server farm and additionally across distributed data centers or remote offices; it delivers not only fast end-user disaster recovery but simplified data center disaster recovery; it provides seamless end-user movement between desktop and mobile ensuring corporate or agency data is available yet secure; it supports Windows and Linux.

    VERDE™ technology, the foundation of the Virtual Bridges and IBM Virtual Desktop solutions, is disruptive technology that addresses long known but poorly met customer requirements.

    Business Case

    This solution allows the maximum benefit, coverage and flexibility for an organization looking to simplify and lower the costs of managing thousands of desktops whether they are virtual or physical. No customer will ever be 100 percent virtualized. Any solution requires a combination of the best virtual desktop and PC life-cycle management infrastructures.

    While the VERDE technology addresses the cost, complexity and coverage of the Linux and Windows virtualized end-user communities by managing them from the same infrastructure, IBM's Tivoli Endpoint Manager VERDE integration simplifies the management of a customers complete virtual and physical desktop environments. The two solutions together, dramatically lower operating system, application and hardware management costs.

    Business Problem

    Simplify client operating system, application and hardware maintenance.

    Deliver legacy Windows and Linux applications securely across heterogeneous hardware, operating system and mobile devices.

    Reduce historically large VDI storage costs 80 to 90 percent.

    With Window XP's end of support in April 2014, transition from Windows based PC's  to a server based computing model for Windows 7.

    Simple client and data center disaster recover.

  • -Technical Details

    The solution lowers the cost of managing and provisioning desktops by allowing organizations to define templates or profiles for groups of users. Each profile or gold master is write-protected and contains the operating system (Windows or Linux) and user applications. Each session is created on the fly by loading the gold master image into memory and then layering an individual users documents and settings on top to create a unique desktop for each user. When a session is closed, any transient changes to the gold master are flushed from memory thus allowing seamless recovery from any corruption from malware or operator error.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Peter E. Greulich


    Phone: +1 512 343 1100 x311

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