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kemyko, keep my kontents!!

Maine Avenue Technologies, S.L.
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Provided by:Maine Avenue Technologies, S.L.
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kemyko is a solution which aims to manage the content of mobile phones, PIM (contacts, calendars, etc.) and multimedia content through internet. It is presented as a Web Service, a perfect solution to be deployed along the Retail Stores of Mobile Operators. kemyko is validated by IBM as Ready for PureSystems
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    kemyko keep my kontents!

    kemyko is a solution developed by MAT which aims to manage the contents of mobile phones, both type PIM (contacts, calendars, etc.) and multimedia (photos, video, music).

    This solution is implemented on IBM's WebSphere infrastructure and DB2. It is presented as a Web Service, and is therefore a perfect solution to be deployed along the Retail Stores of Mobile Operators. Deployment and maintenance are simple and straightforward.

    kemyko integrates transparently to the user, different ways to access to information in mobile terminals: Bluetooth, USB, Apps (iOS, Android, BlackBerry). This includes practically all of the devices on the market, from older conventional models to the latest Smartphones.


    Services offered are:

    • migration / copy of content amongst terminals. This feature is critical and decisive in supporting end users during the swap process of mobile devices at retail stores.
    • backup content by e-mail
    • connectors to third-party platforms, for content management in the cloud

    Currently, kemyko platform is used to provide the following services:

    • Tu Agenda Movistar  (Telefónica Spain)
    • ContactsPoint (Retail Stores)
    • TransferContacts (End user, available soon)
    • kemyko is validated by IBM as Ready for Pure Systems

    Business Case

    • ContactsPoint® is a very simple easy to use service. It is not required technical knowledge or training, so any commercial agent at the point of sale can offer and deliver the service to end users.
    • ContactsPoint® is a real quick service, just few minutes to copy contacts from one device to another. This is an important parameter to take into account within ecosystem at mobile retail stores, since time means money.
    • ContactsPoint® manages also SIM card contacts and copies them to any Smartphone regardless of new SIM formats (3FF, 4FF). This functionality clearly facilitates new formats SIM handling, reducing time consuming by commercial agent at shops.
    • ContactsPoint® clearly contributes to increase customer retention by offering end users a very helpful service transferring their emotional personal data.
    • ContactsPoint® service reduces impact on ARPU when phones are replaced. No phone call is missed or data usage and consumption is affected due to phone swap.
    • With ContactsPoint®, the operator is able to measure success thanks to advanced functionality on Administration, Reporting, Usage Statistics, Business Intelligence services. System administrators can view and analyze key data of each service per shop, success rate of the activity, etc.
    • ContactsPoint®is offer under several business models, offering to the operator commercial flexibility according to their policy, strategy and market positioning.
    • Increase retention by offering a great transfer data service

    Business Problem

    • ContactsPoint® manages  SIM card contacts and copy them to any Smartphone
    • ContactsPoint® optionally sends by email a text list of the contacts stored in their mobile handset and/or SIM card
    • The service is designed to attend any subscriber regardless of their network provider
    • This solution avoids subscribers leaving mobile operator point of sales with empty phonebook information within their new handsets.

  • -Technical Details

    Web Service functionality:

    • Transfer Contacts from a mobile handset to any Smartphone
    • Presentation of a synopsis containing basic information about the contacts read
    • Transfer Contacts from a SIM card to a to any Smartphone
    • Backup Contacts of a mobile device by email
    • Backup Contacts of a SIM card by email


    Service Management & Statistics 

    • UserMangement
    • Reporting and Data Analysis
    • Statistics of usage per retail stores, information about terminals, models, brands, etc.




  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Francisco Del Sol


    Phone: +34609165905

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