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miRevenue Solutions Suite

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The miRevenue Solution Suite is built for banks and financial institutions and consists of customizable modules that enable relationship based pricing, centralized billing, product creation and life cycle management, revenue leakage tracking, and enterprise loyalty.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The miRevenue solution suite was purpose-built to address the needs of the world’s leading banks. Our innovative products enable quick product creation, dynamic relationship pricing, product bundling, billing, revenue enhancement and loyalty management. Using miRevenue our clients can find revenue leakage, quickly market new products, test potential product changes against historical data and much more – enabling top line revenue growth and bottom line savings.

    As a component-based system, miRevenue can be deployed incrementally to suit any specific business need or environment. No matter what deployment approach is chosen, miRevenue can easily scale to address future business needs.

    miRevenue Solutions Suite, consists of the following modules:

    miPricing enables innovative product manufacturing and dynamic pricing capabilities based on a range of attributes

    miBilling provides comprehensive billing and invoicing capabilities including support for complex customer hierarchies

    miLoyalty provides a single platform to enables end to end enterprise loyalty based strategies

    miEarnings delivers simulation and reporting capabilities to enhance product manufacturing capabilities and front line sales enablement

    Business Case

    The following are some of the capabilities of miRevenue:

    • Account level billing with easy to configure UI to find and display key customer information in one place; dynamic dashboards to query customer and account balances and activities
    • Ability to use customer hierarchies for pricing and billing
    • Top of the line electronic processing capabilities • Decrease Revenue Leakage
    • Ability to quickly configure pricing for new products in a centralized platform.
    • Ability to create new products through rule authoring structure without cloning (avoids irrational product creation)
    • Straight through processing with configurable collection rules improve cash flow, enables cash forecasts and avoids loss of revenue due to billing inefficiencies.
    • Consolidate Billing Infrastructure
    • Supports any line of business
    • Single application for pricing, billing, cash applications, collections
    • SOA separates product innovation platform from core systems and allows for fast deltas and flexibility for future business requirements

    Business Problem

    Addresses the following pain points:

    • No single view of customer relationship.
    • Lack of electronic processing resulting in poor customer service and high
    • Difficulty of adding new products Manual processing, complex, customer relationships
    • Multiple disparate systems and platforms Integration of data across billing, cash applications, and collections systems, integrates with GL and core systems
    • Prolonged customization and upgrades

  • -Technical Details

    Enables packaging and bundling

    Provide real life cycle management

    Setting price deviation controls

    One central point of truth

    Centralized manufacturing

    Flexible and configurable billing models

    Supports configuration of complex client hierarchies

    Full STP with no manual intervention

    Customizable invoices to meet unique client needs

    Monitoring, collections and reconciliation analysis

    Roll out rewards, benefits and loyalty across the enterprise

    Redemption Management

    Provide effective and automated cos

    Understand revenue impacts for new product launches

    Compare costs - understand profitability of new models

    Assess internal cost allocations

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Darren Negraeff


    Phone: 1-855-699-2346

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