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Smallworld Database Server for Utilities and Telecommunications

GE Energy
Provided by:GE Energy
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Utility and telecommunication network operators need powerful database server solutions to support the lifecycle of their network assets. GE offers database technology that meets this need that is optimised for the Pureflex platform.
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    Pattern Overview

    Utility and telecommunication network operators need powerful solutions to manage the lifecycle of their network assets. GE offers comprehensive solutions for end-to-end support of the business processes required to efficiently manage network infrastructures. These innovative software solutions are based on GE’s proven geospatial Smallworld Core platform. This market-proven product provides a powerful, consistent architecture at the heart of numerous network and asset management solutions, including planning electric, water and gas transmission and distribution systems, designing telecommunications networks, and evaluating strategic market opportunities. The Smallworld Core platform is the foundation that underpins GE’s leading-edge industry-focused Smallworld application suites for utilities and telecommunications and a critical component of it is the Smallworld Database Server. This technology supports highly scalable geospatial and version managed database capabilities that are used by the industry solutions. The global Smallworld customer list of more than 1,000 companies includes some of the largest electric, gas, and telecommunications operators around the world and it is these companies in particular who depend on a reliable, scalability database architecture.

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    - Database server for GE Smallworld solutions - Highly scalable and performant - Supports version management operations

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    Name: Glenn Smethurst


    Phone: +44-774747-5130

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