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Cognizant Video-as-a-Service platform

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited
Provided by:Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited
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The Cognizant Video-as-a-Service is a platform which provides a two-way video streaming facility with live chat and translation which can used for various business uses such as customer care-in Insurance and Banking industry, health-care and life sciences, Retail, IME etc.
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    Pattern Overview

    The solution built on Cognizant Video-as-a-Service is a first of its kind low cost telepresence solution which can be used both on the cloud and on premise. It facilitates a two way interaction with the business and the end user. It can be used to train, provide walkthroughs or help people remotely through the various features of the solution. It has various options like live chat, live translation, white board, marker, record and replay functions which makes remote communications a lot more user friendly. It supports both one-on-one and multi-people connections. Some business use cases where the solution can be used are as below: - customer care for Insurance and Banking, where the solution can be used to help address customer concerns / walk them through forms / reports / live streaming - Remote user connects for Life sciences and health-care, usable for demo purposes or prescription purposes - demo and user guidance purposes for retail - Digital Signage and video trans-coding for Information media clients - Corporates for video blogging, recruitment

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    Multi person audio/video conferencing Multilingual instant messaging / text chat Live Screen Sharing & Remote Control White Boarding & Markup Record And Play Back API based integration White boarding & record , playback Support for mobile devices Open source , low cost and does not require upfront capital investment Runs on the browser and doesn't not require any user (client side) installation Support for multiple form factor ( Browser /Mobile) Extensive audit, monitoring and management reports Low Cost - Open source based solution does not require significant investment Ubiquitous solution – Conference from home or office /client locations

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    Provider Information

    Name: Balaji Sethuraman


    Phone: (+91) 893 997 9446

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