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Life insurance product quotation application system for web-based online & mobile generation of quotation illustration for sales presentation to customers. The system is crucial for financial consultants in daily sales practice. Quotation application for new insurance product can be configured quickly & easily on GUI.
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    Pattern Overview

    The solution consists of Quotation Framework and Quotation Applications, each latter corresponds to a specific life insurance product. - Quotation Framework serves as a platform for configuring & developing Quotation Application for each and every life insurance product. The Framework consists of database, application layer, and web-based UI; it includes front-end and back-end for composing quotation and for producing quotation illustration sheets. - Quotation application for new insurance product can be configured quickly & easily by administrator on GUI, such that time-to-market of new product implementation or existing product upgrade can be shortened significantly, that helps improve competitiveness of the life insurance firm. Configuration for most changes of product features can be configured in live time, without shutdown of nor impact on the production system. Quotation application front-end for agents runs on web browsers of PC and iPad as well as Android tablets, and connects over the WWW to the back-end that runs on centralized server.

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  • -Technical Details

    * Administrator functions - User management - User role assignment - Product management: Add new products, duplicate products, change existing ones - Product feature management: Add new features, edit & configure formulas for features - Product rule management: Add new rules, modify existing rules - Management of product premium rate and benefit factor: Upload premium rates and benefit factors - Management of quotation illustration templates: Add new templates, replace existing ones - Reporting * Agent user functions - Compose quotation - Generate quotation illustration interactively - View quotation illustration online or print it to paper - Save customer info, browse & re-use existing customer info

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    Provider Information

    Name: Lê Hoàng Sơn


    Phone: +(84) 913 6677 27

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