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MCP™ - Supply Chain Orchestration for Investment Management Projects

BPM Wave International AG
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Provided by:BPM Wave International AG
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MCP is a supply chain orchestration platform for end to end management and monitoring of Major Capital Investments in areas like construction, oil & gas upstream and downstream, power & utilities. MCP insures regulatory compliance, reduces work stoppages, provides real time visibility into investment progress and reduces budget overruns and delays.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Leveraging over 5 years of process automation experience with companies in the Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas and EPC sectors, BPM Wave designed MCPTM to overcome traditional issues with the investment management process, while helping companies improve human capital productivity, insure best practice adherence and business rules compliance across core operational processes, and facilitate the identification of bottlenecks, inconsistencies and opportunities for change.


    • Provides full process automation and monitoring
    • Ties together information from existing systems while laying over them a process layer that automates the distribution and approval of all tasks in the investment management lifecycle
    • Automates the generation, distribution and approval of all investment-related tasks, based on the organization’s business rules
    • Pulls and pushes key data from system to system and from stakeholder to stakeholder
    • Manages critical deadlines by pro-actively warning managers about upcoming roadblocks in project execution and escalating tasks when necessary
    • Ensures full compliance with output requirements for all work packages through standardized data input forms
    • Provides real time data synchronization and reporting for speeding up decision processes and improving management reaction time

    Business Case

    • Sale of MCP application licenses • Sale of IBM BPM and ODM Licenses • Sale of Websphere Middleware technologies such as Integration Bus, Cast Iron and DataPower • Professional Service billings around implementation of the MCP application.

    Business Problem

    • Delays in getting an investment on line so that it produces revenue • Investment budget overages • Lack of internal and regulatory compliance in investment management activities

  • -Technical Details

    MCP covers all key phases of the investment process, including:

    • Investment case analysis and approval
    • Bid development and acquisition of third party services
    • Investment planning: task scheduling, workforce allocation, workload balancing
    • Project execution with real time monitoring of status and compliance criteria (such as work permits, required documentation, approvals and stage acceptance)
    • Team performance analysis and administrative closing with adjourning of resources and excess materials return


  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Jon Wiener


    Phone: mobile: +971 50 738 6359

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