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A Comprehensive WMS Solution for Dry Storage, Cold Storage, and Third Party Logistics
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW Warehouse Intelligent Systems Environment (WISE) is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System developed for Dry Storage, Cold Storage, and Third Party Logistics Operation. Functionalities are designed to service in full the requirements of Logistics Companies and support service level efficiency. WISE offers a wide range of functionalities of which among others are: a) interfacing with other applications on Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) and Sales Order (SO) via use of an excel spreadsheet , ensuring accurate recording of significant inventory and sales information; b) flexible put-away and picking strategies; c) system directed put-away and picking with facility for manual pick override for additional flexibility; c) simplified data entry where the 2-step processes during the storage phase were converted into a single line data entry (i.e. inventory re-classification with relocation and inventory adjustment with relocation); d) handling of various inventory adjustment scenarios like change of batch code and change of item code to correct erroneous entry; and e) full product traceability that simplifies inventory reconciliation. Footprints such as user-id as well as date and time stamps are provided for proper recording accountability.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    WISE enables Company to efficiently control the movement and storage of materials. 1. INBOUND • Production Receipt • Advance Shipment Notice • System directed put-away • Cross dock flow through operation 2. OUTBOUND • Sales Order Batching • System Directed Picking • Pick Allocation and confirmation • Delivery Receipt • Proof of Delivery 3. STORAGE • Beginning Balance Uploading • Stock Transfer • Re-palleting with stock transfer • Quality Status Re-classification with Stock Transfer • Bundling/Kitting • Blast Freezing for Cold Storage Operation. • Physical Count with automatic creation of inventory adjustment transaction 4. MOBILE BARCODE SCANNING

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    Provider Information

    Name: Mat Fagara, Hilda Mendoza


    Phone: (632) 621-6183; (632) 812-35-32

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