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jetNEXUS Accelerating Load Balancer Extreme

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The jetNEXUS ALB-X is an advanced load balancing solution designed to accelerate application performance and optimise availability, enabling clients to create and deliver resilient and scalable online services and applications.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The jetNEXUS ALB-X is an advanced load balancing and traffic management solution, also referred to as an Application Delivery Controller or ADC.

    The jetNEXUS ALB-X is deployed in front of application servers to guarantee service availability and uses a number of techniques such as SSL Offload, Content Caching, Compression and Connection Management to optimise application performance.

    The jetNEXUS ALB-X also has a powerful traffic management and routing facility called flightPATH which enables clients to create and implement bespoke application rules with an intuitive drag and drop functionality. Examples of flightPATH rules range from simple HTTP to HTTPs redirects and URL rewriting, through to more advanced content manipulation on the fly.

    The jetNEXUS ALB-X ADC device is simple to deploy, easy to manage and delivers instant results.

    Key Benefits
    Optimise Application Delivery Performance: The ALB-X can boost the number of transactions handled by web servers, accelerate end-to-end web application delivery and dramatically improve end user experience.

    High Availability for your Mission Critical Applications: The jetNEXUS ALB-X is an essential network component that prevents downtime. Deploy in an active/active configuration to eliminate any single point of failure and guarantee always-available services.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    As with any service-oriented architecture, it is essential that applications run seamlessly with superb performance and robust security.

    When mission critical applications become unavailable or slow, productivity slows and in some cases grinds to a halt.

    It is now widely accepted that web based applications should be delivered to end users via an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) such as the jetNEXUS ALB-X.

  • -Technical Details

    The jetNEXUS ALB-X delivers:

    • Layer 4-7 load balancing
    • Content caching
    • Content compression
    • Connection management
    • Application acceleration
    • SSL offload
    • flightPATH routing engine
    • Server monitoring
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Virtualised networking
    • Reporting / logging

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Emily Hawkins


    Phone: 0870 382 5050

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