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Videonetics Application in IBM Pureflex

Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd
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Videonetics offers Intelligent Video Management Software which is pre-integrated with Intelligent Video Analytics functionality. Videonetics has developed a number of IP-rich technology to enhance and value add to various security and surveillance equipments, e.g., Cameras, Storage devices, Encoders, Servers etc.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Video Management System from Videonetics is a distributed, scalable and intelligent system which shares a common monolithic architecture to embed Video Analytics functionality within it. There is no need for third party software integration for either VMS or Video Analytics functions. It's a one stop single window solution for intelligent video surveillance.

    Salient features:

    • Distributed, computationally optimized Intelligent Video Management System.
    • Runs on Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS alike.
    • Embedded with Intelligent Video Analytics functionality
    • CUDA ported for optimal utilization of computing resources
    • Aggregation of multiple Autonomous VMS system under a single Command and Control Center
    • Can be easily integrated within other Appliances
    • Virtual Machine friendly
    • Event Integration feature to accommodate other Security devices like Access Control, RFID, Electronics Fence, Fire Alarms under a unified system
    • Supports Megapixel and HD Cameras
    • Works on Thermal and IR imagery also
    • Multilayer Site map integrated
    • Synchronous playback of archived video
    • Smart Search techniques for content aware archive video search
    • Supports all standard DBMS
    • People Detection and Counting, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, face Capture and Face Matching, Automatic License Plate Recognition, Detection of Object lying unattended, etc.


    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Integration of Videonetics VMS and Pureflex system offers a single window solution for Intelligent Video Surveillance. It offers the three basic functionality of an Intelligent VMS solution within a single alliance, i.e, IBM Pureflex:

    • Video Management functionality
    • Video Analytics functionality
    • Storage solution

    Elimination of intermediate Server hardware and network components (Switches etc) brings down disruption of services to a minimum. The installation of the system is very easy and simple when integrated with IBM Pureflex system.

    The system has been tested in IBM lab and found to generate a high ROI for both medium and enterprise level installations.



  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Mr. Tuhin Bose


    Phone: 03364610300

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