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To delivery Best of Breed Applications to Your Users requires significant effort in Team Building,Resource Procurement,Research & Development, Standard Compliance,Risk Management, Quality Control,etc.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    OneWeb provides comprehensive application utilities that allow for scalable and flexible framework in SOA (Services Oriented Architecture)styles. OneWeb is J2EE Framework based on an industry-leading development standard, called MVC (model-View-Controller). It provides various pre-built object,patterns, API and business applications that give value-added services to application developers.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    • needs to Respond to Changes in today's Dynamic markets
    • Least Hard-codes & Hard-wire in Your Applications
    • Needs to run on Any H/W & S/W -No Vendor Lock-In
    • Reduce Impacts on Change Request

  • -Technical Details

    • MVC pattern Implementation
    • Ajax Front-end components
    • Dynamic URLs -Object Relational Mapping
    • On-The-Fly Deployment
    • Report & Dashboard
    • Pre-built Java & JavaScript Libraries -Batch Management -Workflow Framework -Solid security Framework

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Akarapol Bunworaset


    Phone: +6626339367-9

PureSystems patterns are part of a broad portfolio of PureSystems solutions for business, cloud, and infrastructure applications.

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