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Middlecon AB
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Catch social media messages with our easy to use cloud based solution. The solution lets You subscribe to messages containing Your searchwords. In addition You can narrow the search geographically. The messages will be classified into positive, negative or neutral messages.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    We have developed our solution Sherlock Insight market that allows you to market yourself against all social network, Blogs etc.. With our solution you can get home all the tweets of a geographical area that contains certain keywords or show a positive or negative attitude towards your keywords. - You can find new customers who currently have a negative attitude to your competitor. - You can find customers who will buy something new or going on a journey. - You can monitor your own brand. With our tool you can quickly and efficiently contact the social network users that you want to communicate with. We have additional modules that captures posts, blogs, websites and more. In our plug-Sherlock Insight Analyser you can run analyses on historical data, and such segmenting your customers. Our solutions integrate easily with your existing CRM system or data warehouse. Our solution is based on IBM Infosphere Streams, IBM Infosphere Big Data, IBM Smart Analytics System, IBM Power and can also run on IBM PureSystem

    Business Case

    You can communicate with people at a certain place e.g an airport and offering them services there. You can also communicate with people that are ready to purchase goods. e.g if they send out Tweets saying going for lunch now, You can offer them a coupon to make them the right choice. You can find peoples posts about buying a new car. If You are a competitive dealer You can make them an offer.

    Business Problem

    - Finding new customers - Monitor Your own brand

  • -Technical Details

    - Catches Tweets of Your interest - Classify sentiment of Tweet - Narrows search geographically - Addon for social networking, blogs, webscraping - Addon for historical analysis and segmentation - Integrates well with existing datawarehouse or CRM system

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Bård Hakkestad


    Phone: +46 732 314 303

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