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Eximbills Enterprise ePayment Solution

China Systems Corporation
Provided by:China Systems Corporation
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China Systems Payments solution is an integrated part of our Java EE-based Eximbills Enterprise platform, which also covers the full range of Import, Export, and Open Account-based Trade Services. Eximbills has been awarded the SWIFT Ready Labels for Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance(SCF), Payment and Corporates - Trade and Supply Chain Finance.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    As the leading global Trade Services Solutions provider, China Systems has witnessed the growing involvement of banks in the activities between buyers and suppliers. We provide a cost-effective end-to-end solution, with highly automated payment processes allowing the reconciliation of payment flows with any outstanding open account and traditional trade transactions.

    For the last 30 years, China Systems has built up an expertise in providing flexible solutions for the Trade Services industry. One of our major strategic objectives is to provide an integrated processing platform for Traditional and Open Account-based Trade transactions. To achieve this goal we have invested significantly in

    • The collaborative nature of our SOA-based Enterprise solution, facilitating integration with a bank's existing infrastructure
    • The development of a configurable Payments STP engine , with support for Incoming and Outgoing International and Domestic Transfers

    Apart from the reality of the convergence of Payments and Trade , further convergence activity is taking place within the Payments area itself, mainly as a result of SEPA.

    • A convergence of European standards for EUR Credit Transfers, Direct Debits, and Card Payments
    • A convergence of domestic and international payments along with high and low value payments
    • An increasing convergence of retail and wholesale payments and the payments channels

    Business Case

    China Systems' global experience in implementing Trade Finance business solutions is the foundation of the Total Trade Finance/Supply Chain Finance and Payments Solution's business functionality, which can be easily tailored to the bank's needs. It is able to track a trade finance transaction through the many fee-generating stages, and is sufficiently flexible to cope with the many rules that govern International Trade. In terms of trade finance business, the Total Trade Finance/Supply Chain Finance and Payments Solution comes with a Business Model that supports all standard processing requirements for all types trade instruments.

    With the increasing demand for open account trading, China Systems now offers Supply Chain Financing and Factoring capabilities as an integrated part of its J2EE-based Eximbills Enterprise solution, which also covers the full range of Import and Export Trade Services including TSU, BPO, Account Receivable Financing.

    Business Problem

    Bank customers, looking for reduced turnaround time and more efficient methods by which to address evolving business requirements, have adopted channels such as email for correspondence, and browser for low-cost data input and information retrieval. Banks, in turn, need increased sophistication in their technology infrastructure to be able to offer services that will help their customers meet the demands of their business.

  • -Technical Details

    Our ePayment solution supports for Incoming and Outgoing International and Domestic Transfers including functions as:

    1. Outward remittance
    2. Inward remittance
    3. Inward remittance under trade
    4. Outward remittance processing under trade

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: 曹六一


    Phone: +86 25 85582112

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