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Eximbills Enterprise ePayment Solution

China Systems Corporation
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:China Systems Corporation
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Eximbills Enterprise ePayment Solution of China Systems Co., Ltd
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    In a globalized environment, a bank's payment solution must be able to adapt to different business requirements and connect with different financial services systems. Financial services systems such as FIX, NACHA, SEPA, and SWIFT, and EDI systems such as (X12 EDIFACT and EANCOM TRADACOMS use a variety of message formats: XML, SWIFT MT / SWIFT XML and local bank clearing messages formats. Our flexible, versatile, easy to deploy ePayment system is the solution.

  • -Technical Details

    Our ePayment solution can process clean Payment, and we can process payment transactions based on trade finance transactions. It includes four business products as following:

    1. Outward remittance
    2. Inward remittance
    3. Inward remittance under trade
    4. Outward remittance processing under trade

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: 曹六一


    Phone: +86 25 85582112

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