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VS Identity and Verification

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The solution allows Financial Services, Banks, Government to easily and securely identify and verfify customers using a simple voice utterance thus avoiding the need for expensive and clunky token cards.It also mensa a powerful ROI and vastly improved customer experience - no need to remember complicated PINs and knowledge based questions.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The solution provides a powerful set of enrolment options either acively as part of an IVR option or passively from customer/agent dialogues or indeed call recordings.The solution therefore builds robustly and securely voiceprints for customers highly scaleable to hundreds of millions of secure voiceprints. The voiceprints are stored by the solution's voice biometric technology as unique digital representations of each individual's voice with a unique customer identifier.Thus when the customer contacts the organisation again it becomes a simple but highly recure , multi-factor authentication process to verify the customer is a friendly and improved experience manner. The reduction in Agent time is significant for ROI purposes as well as providing valid input to the fraud detection process.The solution also supports the ability to create known fraudster voiceprint hot lists to further protect the organisation. VS Identity and Verfication utilses proven, robust best of breed technology to maximise performnce, security and customer experience

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    Eradicates the need for complex knowledge based and memory based questions for customers. Eradicates the need for RSA tokens and Card Readers. Can be used for payment and loan/mortgage approval by voice for digital signature verfication

  • -Technical Details

    Automated Password Reset Out Bound call verfication for Digital Banking In Bound Call Verification Secure Access Gender Test Fraudster Detection Integration with Fraud and Stress Engines

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    Provider Information

    Name: Surinder Singh


    Phone: 07714764552

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