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Think! Med EHR Platform

Marand d.o.o.
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Think!Med EHR Platform is a big-data high-performance platform solution based on the latest release of openEHR specifications, designed to exchange, manage, store and retrieve Electronic Health Record data.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Think!Med EHR Platform is an openEHR standard compliant solution for healthcare informatics. All healthcare information is stored into vendor-independent openEHR archetypes and templates, which allow multi-language, multi-terminology and multi-unit support as well as patient state model. OpenEHR template data schema approach supports semantic integration of existing standards and systems based on them, while portable querying language ensures smooth cross-platform querying. Use EHR to its fullest potential Exchange of information between different healthcare information systems is enhanced by the capacity to execute more detailed queries (such as search of a medical concept by value), which truly brings out the advantages of EHR in patient care, leading to better quality healthcare services. OpenEHR allows health data to be used by multiple applications independent of the vendor. Life-long healthcare requires life-long solution All stored data are entirely vendor-independent and not only have complete functional interoperability, but also full semantic interoperability with shareable context and seamless co-operability capabilities (ISO13606 specifications based semantic interoperability level 3). That means that machines can understand and automatically process transmitted health information – a pre-requisite for clinical decision support and care planning, the two most important benefits of EHR.

    Business Case

    World wide eHealth inititatives are mostly focused on connecting HealthCare systems through Health Information Exchange solutions. However due to weak semantic underpinning (IHE, HL7v3/RIM) this solutions generate peta-bytes of non-computable health data thus providing limited added value for Healthcare providers. OpenEHR initiative is addressing this space and is getting momentum as a technology of choice at CIMI group led by Stan Huff. OpenEHR is also endorsed on national level through government initiatives (Sweden, Australia, New Zeland, Brazil, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia)

    Business Problem

    Today health informatics is creating peta-bytes of non-interoperable, non-computable health data. Mostly due to weak semantic underpinning of current solutions and standards. Think!Med EHR Platform enables healthcare data computing, semantic interoperability, vendor-neutral, life-long, future-proof storage of electronic healthcare data.

  • -Technical Details

    OpenEHR Service API (Data-as-a-Service) Platform EHR Explorer – Generic EHR Data Viewer EHR ESB/Integration – Existing data integration and export EHR DevKit – Development Toolkit

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Roland Petek


    Phone: +386 1 470 31 00

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