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ITS (Integrated Terminology Server) is a terminology server which allows users and applications to interact with different terminologies and classifications through a simple interface.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Currently the terminology server backbone is SNOMED CT®. Based on this, it is possible to create, search and manage subsets, mapsets, taxonomies, post-coordination, etc. The subsets could also be mapped to other terminologies like ICD and be exported in order to be easily integrated in other information systems.

     Browser module

    A browser of resources for descriptions, concepts and hierarchies, formed by a search engine and a set of operations that allow the selection of SNOMED CT® items in a predefined work subset. The browser is also endowed with a post-coordinate expressions editor.

    WebServices module

     RestServices to use easily all the information of the terminology server

    Subset Editor Module

    The subset editor allows the creation of subsets with dynamic taxonomies. These subsets created by users are exportable and can be shared with other users and commented on by them.

    Mapping Module

    The map browser allows the users to see the source and target mapped terms in the same window, showing all the attributes of each classification system. 

    Other modules: Community, Statistics 

    Business Case

    ITS is more than a Terminology Server, is an integrated platform that provides access to several terminologies and classifications, allowing users and third party systems to interact with ITS in an easy and standardized way.

    Business Problem

    Nowadays, there are plenty of hospitals and health organizations that use local terminology in order to systematize and standardize important clinical information. It’s really important to have a terminology server acting as “semantic hub” that stores these local terminologies in order to guarantee a minimum interoperability. However, it’s also important to map these local catalogs with reference terminologies like SNOMED CT to make it interoperable.

  • -Technical Details

    ·         Browser of SNOMED CT, ICD9 and Local terminologies

    ·         Subset Editor

    ·         Mapset browser.ICD9 to SNOMED CT, SNOMED CT to ICD9, mapset between local terminologies, etc.

    ·         Mapset editor. Edition and maintanance of mapsets and loading of local terminologies

    ·         Tools- Tools that allows to launch NLP process and complex queries

    ·         Rest Services-Through Web Services, other systems can interact with ITS in a simple yet very powerful way and adapt easily to the needs of healthcare organizations.

    ·         Community

    ·         Statistics 

    ·         Administration 

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Enrique Mota López


    Phone: +34915358568

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