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Reduce the number of powerful IBM i user profiles (*ALLOBJ,*SECADM, command line access, etc.) with the ability to elevate the authority of user profiles on an as-needed basis.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    With complete managerial control, EAM allows specified users to be temporarily granted an elevated authority, either automatically or on request.

    Elevated authority can be limited to a specific command, day,time, IP Address and other parameters.

    EAM not only includes an effective and flexible authority management mechanism but also provides a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool.
    Multiple sources (job log, screen capture, exit points, and system and database journals) are used to exhaustively log all user activity, which creates a complete audit trail.

    Business Case

    • Reduce security exposures caused by human error
    • Security on IBM i
    • Limit access to sensitive data

    Business Problem

    • Satisfy auditors with reporting and alerting capabilities
    • Enforce the segregation of duties
    • Limit access to sensitive data

  • -Technical Details

    EAM offers different authority management methods:

    • *SWAP – user is swapped to and inherits the authority of the target profile
    • *ADOPT – user adopts the target profile authorities
    • *LOG – all activity of the user is logged without change to the user’s authorities

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Guy MARMORAT


    Phone: +33 4 50 69 45 98

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