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DB-Gate gives IBM i sites new data access capabilities, employing standard OS/400 to enable totally DB-transparent access to remote systems; e.g. an IBM i program written in RPG, Cobol, C, etc., can use SQL to access a Netezza server and other external DBs from the same program. Same for the STRSQL interactive console.
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    Pattern Overview

    Using native SQL tools and interfaces on the IBM i, users can now access specific files on DB2 and non-DB2 remote databases without any special hardware appliance or proprietary software on the remote database. Access is now available through natural interfaces such as interactive STRSQL or directly from any standard RPG, Cobol, C, etc. program.

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  • -Technical Details

     Unique technology enables transparent access to any DB (MySQL, ORACLE, MS SQL, DB2, Informix, SQLite) or data source (e.g., Excel) residing on any IBM or non-IBM platform using STRSQL, STRQM or programs in languages such as RPG, Cobol, etc. (compiled using CRTSQLxxx)  Native integration with STRSQL enables prompting for remote database Column names and attributes  Expands IBM i-based DRDA functionality by enabling transparent connectivity with JDBC databases which support DRDA  Standard SQL syntax preserves familiar work environment  OS/400 Server Authentication integration allows for transparent insertion of user name and password defined to a specific remote database definition.

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    Name: Eli Spitz


    Phone: 1-888-7295334

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