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RTLS/Sonitor® IPS Server Software

Sonitor Technologies Inc
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Provided by:Sonitor Technologies Inc
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Sonitor® IPS Server Software is the part of IPS that communicates with Detector points in the network and distributes information from Receivers to clients connected to the server. Now enabled on IBM PureSystems to deliver rapid provisioning, increased automation and efficiency and an integrated cloud environment.
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    Pattern Overview

    The Sonitor® IPS Server Software is a service designed to be interfaced to a network of Sonitor IPS Detector points in a Sonitor IPS installation. The Server Software is capable of communicating with the Receiver points in the network as well as distributing information from the Receiver out to the clients connected to the Server. The Server Software logs all ultrasonic Tag signal detections.

    The customer and/or partner application software interfaces to the Sonitor IPS Server Software through a two-way TCP connection using an ASCII text protocol. The Sonitor IPS Server Software sends the Tag detection messages to all connected applications, along with current Tag and Receiver configurations and Receiver status. The customer and/or partner applications can update the Sonitor IPS Server Software with new or changed Receiver and Tag configurations.

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  • -Technical Details

    Features and benefits Fast and reliable communication with Receiver network. Automatic and reliable filtering and qualification of location data. Simple interfacing for integration with other software applications to create customer specific IPS (dependent) software solutions. Automatic initiation and monitoring of Receiver network. Event logging.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Benjamin R. Portman


    Phone: 425-381-2575

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