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Zend Server Application Pattern

Zend Technologies USA Inc
Provided by:Zend Technologies USA Inc
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This pattern lets PureApplication System users deploy PHP applications in the PureApplication environment using Zend Server, the premier application platform for PHP. Zend Server provides enterprise-grade performance, debugging, and monitoring for the applications that power the web and mobile world.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Every business wants to innovate faster.  By using the PHP application pattern from Zend, customers get the agility of an enterprise-grade PHP application platform on that is pre-configured for PureApplication systems.  Patterns allow customers to spin up new applications on an infrastructure environment where the components have been pre-configured to each other.  Zend Server lets customers build PHP applications--the language that powers more than half of the world's web and mobile workloads--on a platform that provides superior performance, enhanced debugging tools, and enterprise-class monitoring.  With the Zend Server pattern on PureApplication, customers leverage an agile development and robust operations environment in an integrated offering.

    Business Case

    More than half of the world's web and mobile workloads use PHP, and increasingly, those applications require a more systematic management approach.  Enterprises are discovering that many web and mobile applications, which were originally developed and funded by Line of Business managers, now require the compliance, security, performance tuning, and monitoring that the IT organization can provide.  

    But the IT organization needs a more effective way to streamline the onboarding and management of these applications.  PureApplication Services can provide that ease of implementation and deployment.

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Develop, deploy, and manage business-critical PHP applications on IBM's public, on-premise, and hybrid cloud solutions.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Amy Anderson


    Phone: +1-408-253-8800

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