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Postgres Plus Advanced Server Virtual Appliance

EnterpriseDB Corporation
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Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) is ideally suited for transaction-intensive applications requiring superior performance, massive scalability and compatibility with proprietary database products. Deploying Postgres Plus Advanced Server give organizations overall database cost saving of 80% and more.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Postgres Plus Advanced Server offers enterprise features not available in the community edition of PostgreSQL. If you are looking for the absolute best in Security, Development, Ease of Use, Performance, Scalability, or Compatibility, with a TCO for any budget, and backed by world wide world class support, then you need Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Build upon a rock solid foundation, our solution addresses scalability and availability needs with multiple replication solutions, Hot Standby support, clustering tools, and bundle failover and connection pooling and more. With Postgres Plus Advanced Server's Oracle compatibility features, you can use existing Oracle-based applications on the PostgreSQL platform, or run adjacent applications that dove-tail seamlessly with your mission critical databases without additional Oracle licenses. You can use these same compatibility features to build new Postgres applications, saving money without re-training and re-coding issues. Postgres Plus Advanced Server fulfills your needs in the area of database security management. Whether you need basic or very sophisticated security features for the database applications you're building, you'll find Postgres Plus Advanced Server lets you develop a bulletproof security plan that protects your critical business data. The Advanced Server OVA is a KVM-based virtual machine in OVA format consisting of PPAS v on top of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6.2.

    Business Case

    As organizations are continuously moving to reduce their IT spend, more focus is now directed at their database spending, an area where our Postgres Plus Advanced Server can deliver 80% or more cost savings compared to other proprietary databases. Our open source based solution offers the enterprise-class functionality required by mission and non-mission critical applications and backed by EnterpriseDB’s large PostgreSQL development, support and services professionals. Whether you chose to augment your existing proprietary database deployments with Postgres Plus Advanced Server or to migrate to PPAS, we have the resources to make you successful in achieving your objectives.

    Business Problem

    IT managers are faced with a daunting dilemma. At a time when information demands are exploding, budgets are under intense scrutiny. EnterpriseDB's PPAS delivers advanced Oracle compatibility, allowing you to run most applications written for Oracle as a small fraction of Oracle's cost. Postgres Plus solutions plug seamlessly into your current infrastructure and leverage all of your existing DBA and application development skills.

  • -Technical Details

    Key Database Features Oracle and PL/SQL compatibility Full transactional ACID compliance MVCC and row level locking Transactional DDL Data and index partitioning Heterogeneous DB replication 9+ languages for stored procedures High speed parallel data loader Online backup and parallel PITR Binary synchronous replication Hot Standby database support Crash recovery External authentication support Security groups, roles and auditing Built-in SQL Injection firewall Multi-terabyte data size support Wait-based performance diagnostics XML data support Analytic BI functions Fast click installations GUI management tools

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    Provider Information

    Name: Brigitte Casemyr


    Phone: 781-357-3390

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