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Rocket iCluster is a logical replication solution providing high availability and disaster recovery for businesses running IBM i on IBM Power Systems platforms. Remote journaling provides near real time transaction replication and switching, sync check, automatic monitoring and alerts are also included in the product.
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    Pattern Overview

    iCluster helps protect your critical business applications from outages, whether planned (for backups, maintenance, or PTFs) or unplanned. iCluster is the ideal solution for a variety of clients: • Small to medium businesses that need an easy-to-use, software or hardware-based, high-availability solution • Large enterprises with multiple mission-critical applications to protect • Financial institutions that want an aggressive recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) through a product that can scale up to over 2 billion transactions per hour. HA Assist complements the capabilities of a switched disk or geographical mirroring solution using IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i. iCluster includes a Java-based GUI administrator as well as a green screen command and menu-based interface to enable you to integrate high-availability functions into your existing batch routines. iCluster offers the following functions and benefits: Role swapping (fully or partially automated); synchronization checking of file attributes, file contents, IFS attributes, object existence, data area contents, and output queues; automatic resynchronization of out-of-sync objects; and alarms and alerts including e-mail notifications and user-defined thresholds. Very high speed replication capabilities that can scale to handle the size of your business and transactional volumes.

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  • -Technical Details

    Local and remote journaling support including automatic creation of remote journals IASP to *SYSBASE or IASP to IASP replication HA Assist to complement IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i Continuous synchronization checking including contents sync check and auto repair Automatic repair of out of sync/suspended objects Switching and automatic failover Automatic event monitoring, EMAIL notifications, alarms and alerts Automatic journal management JAVA GUI based interface for ease of administration

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    Provider Information

    Name: Jamie Griesbach


    Phone: 1.781.684.2125

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