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Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway

Juniper Networks
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Juniper vGW Virtual Gateway is purpose-built to mitigate the risks of virtual networks, while maintaining the ROI of virtualization. A next-generation security solution specifically designed for the virtual environment, vGW monitors and controls inter-VM traffic, enforcing security policies at the individual VM level.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway is a comprehensive virtualization security solution that includes a high-performance, hypervisor-based stateful firewall, integrated intrusion detection system (IDS), and virtualization-specific antivirus for complete virtual network protection. vGW brings forward powerful features that offer layers of defenses and automated security as well as compliance enforcement within virtual networks and clouds. By leveraging virtual machine introspection (VM Introspection), coupled with vGW’s wide-ranging information about the virtual network environment, vGW creates an extensive database of parameters by which security policies and compliance rules can be defined and enforced. vGW Virtual Gateway makes this rich data available in intuitive user interfaces that let administrators build the entire range of policies from corporate rules on global protocol handling to discrete regulatory compliance policies for how virtual machines should be configured. Compliance assessment and security enforcement happen automatically and in lockstep with changes in the virtual environment. New virtual machines (VMs), for example, will be scanned and quarantined if out of compliance with policies in effect. The same applies to VMs whose “state” changes such that their security posture is weakened (e.g., antivirus protection is turned off). vGW VMware VMsafe-certified security operates from deep within the virtualization fabric as part of the hypervisor.

    Business Case

    Cloud computing and virtualization are two major catalysts in the evolving data center design. Though both present compelling cost saving opportunities for customers, there are still significant security concerns that stand to diminish their overall value proposition. Organizations that act early to implement an integrated best-of-breed security—such as Juniper Networks offers with SRX Series and vGW Virtual Gateway—will be best positioned to scale their cloud both in terms of secure cloud infrastructure and in-house cloud security expertise. Since cloud computing and virtualization adoption are usually implemented in phases, the typical data center will, for the foreseeable future, be a mix of physical and virtualized workloads. Therefore, a security framework that is independent of the underlying workload platform is key to ensuring protections for all workloads throughout the migration to and implementation of virtualization and cloud computing. With the right security solution, organizations will be able to derive the most value from their virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure without sacrificing security breadth and effectiveness.

    Business Problem

    Security and compliance concerns are first-order priorities for virtualized data center and cloud deployments. Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway is a comprehensive security solution that is capable of monitoring and protecting virtualized environments while maintaining the highest levels of VM host capacity and performance. vGW includes a high-performance hypervisor-based stateful firewall, integrated intrusion detection (IDS), and virtualization-specific antivirus (AV) protection.

  • -Technical Details

    Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway is a comprehensive virtualization security solution that includes integrated stateful inspection firewalling, intrusion detection, compliance monitoring and enforcement, as well as on-access and on-demand antivirus scanning. Purpose-built for virtualization, vGW synchronizes with VMware vCenter, and uses the VMsafe APIs to provide the highest levels of security and performance. vGW delivers superior protection, throughput, scalability, automated deployment, operational efficiencies, and value for virtualized environments, enabling enterprises to maintain comparable security and regulatory compliance across physical and virtual networks.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Jonathan Coleman


    Phone: 408-745-2000

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