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PriceLenz : maximize revenue through informed strategic decision-making, marketing precision and sales optimization

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Exploit revenue opportunities, stop revenue leakage and boost your top line results.

With PriceLenz, executives can identify revenue opportunities, marketing teams can precisely target customers with the right products, and sales teams can confidently decide the right price to offer for maximizing revenue.

  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    With PriceLenz, businesses can now easily leverage their revenue opportunities with informed strategic decision-making support and actionable marketing and sales optimization.

    Businesses can move from the experience-based marketing and sales to a more sophisticated level of science-based decision making.

    They can gain additional revenue by using a variety of strategies, from scientifically targeting customers, through to price fine-tuning during sales.

    Marketing managers can calculate campaign cost and performance (ROI), and optimize their tactics through predictive analytics.

    Salespeople can identify the optimal sales price that will maximize revenue for specific products or services, as well as the probability of the customer accepting the optimal price, or any other price or discount the salesperson wants to offer.

    PriceLenz is intuitive and easy to use, and costs a fraction of traditional solutions, thus making it affordable and accessible by practically every business. It requires no investment in hardware or software. And with the integrated expertise of PriceLenz, organizations can achieve greater agility, increased efficiency, improved simplicity and enhanced control.

    By combining the power of analytics and optimization, the accessibility of mobile, the flexibility of the cloud and its cost-effectiveness, PriceLenz is an invaluable revenue maximization solution that businesses won’t stop using once they’ve tried it.

    Business Case

    By making revenue boosting software available and affordable, any company large or small can quickly and easily exploit revenue opportunities and boost their top line results. PriceLenz can be applied in several industry sectors, such as:

    • banking / financial services
    • insurance
    • telecommunications
    • healthcare
    • wholesale
    • retail
    • energy and utilities

    Hosted in the cloud, PriceLenz can offer the ultimate flexibility and value. Businesses do not need to invest in any hardware, nor employ integrators to set up the system and they can get started with a revenue potential health check. Once sales information has been analyzed by the system, PriceLenz -with its advanced optimization algorithms- can immediately uncover revenue leakage as well as revenue potential opportunities. PriceLenz is user-friendly and intuitive, so that it can be used immediately.

    PriceLenz is also a very efficient tool for revenue maximization in e-commerce / online sales. It automatically detects market changing conditions, and optimally adjusts each quoted price on the overall customer behavior and demand.

    Business Problem

    Levering past sales data, the sophisticated algorithms of PriceLenz, can help businesses gain in-depth visibility about revenue leakage and revenue opportunities.

    PriceLenz helps businesses to increase marketing efficiency by better targeting customers, and boost revenues from sales by empowering sales people sell more confidently, supported by the actionable information and guidance of PriceLenz


  • -Technical Details


    • provides immediate insight into revenue opportunities
    • identifies revenue leakage per product
    • calculates revenue potential per product and customer
    • calculates marketing campaign costs and performance (ROI)
    • calculates the optimal sales price and discount
    • calculates the revenue surplus and probability of making the sale at a given price

    PriceLenz focuses on actionable optimization, to realize revenue opportunities to the fullest. Executives can take better strategic decisions, marketers can target customers more precisely, and sales professionals can quickly fine-tune offers effectively and confidently.

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