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Sophos Secure Web Gateway makes web protection easy. It is quick to setup, simple to manage, and makes policy administration easy. When coupled with IBM Pure Systems, customers achieve a balance of complete control, scalability and performance while delivering effective protection against rapidly changing web threats.
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    Our award-winning Secure Web Gateway appliances make web protection easy. They are quick to setup, simple to manage, and make policy administration a snap, even for non-technical users. Proven web protection – to block even the most advanced web threats Compliance and productivity management – with active policy and reporting tools that provide instant updates and visibility Coverage of your blind spots – including automatic proxy blocking, encrypted traffic scanning, and call home monitoring Management made easy – our award-winning web-console makes administration easy with 3-clicks-to-anywhere and policy wizards Easy offsite protection – if you choose to combine one of our web appliances with our Endpoint, you can protect users everywhere They come in a full range of models to fit your organization perfectly. It's also available as a VMware Virtual Appliance so you can realize the benefits of your virtualization infrastructure and save on hardware.

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    Our web malware detection works to block the most advanced threats We’ve got you covered from anonymizing proxy abuse, encrypted traffic, fake AV, and malware attempting to call home We scan all web traffic - without impacting performance Get a handle on social networking, Web 2.0 applications, and keep a lid on data when it comes to blogs, forums, and webmail Account for user activity with rich reporting and our real-time dashboard Our 3-clicks-to-anywhere management console couldn't be easier SophosLabs keeps you updated with their latest research We’ll even monitor your appliance remotely You get our local support too – anytime you need it

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    Provider Information

    Name: Ted Anglace


    Phone: 781-494-5800

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