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BankFusion Equation

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BankFusion Equation builds on the capabilities of Equation and enhances the functionality with the game-changing development technology and platform provided by BankFusion. It covers a wide range of retail banking instruments such as lending, deposits and payments..
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    Pattern Overview

    The solution incorporates an innovative process capability to allow more flexible management of user interactions and the automation of greater levels of straight-through processing. The design supports 24x7 banking operations, removing any of the traditional systems constraints around user ‘down-time’ during end of day processing. The BankFusion Equation Workbench lets you build new services as well as define your own screen flow. A service can be a single API, a combination of existing APIs, or your own green-field service. Each service that is built using the Workbench automatically conforms to the proven Equation standards, thereby respecting your environment and maintaining system integrity. When a Service is deployed within the Equation Desktop, you can define your own screen-flow, including the order in which the fields are presented, which fields are mandatory, optional or defaulted as well as what validation, over and above Equation standard validation, is applied.

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  • -Technical Details

    The Workbench provides you with the flexibility you need to respond rapidly to changing markets, by letting you have access to the common components (APIs) and by including your own business rules, such as ensuring all critical data is captured by making fields mandatory for input, or by only making certain products available in certain currencies, whereby the user can only select from a list of valid currencies. All of this can be achieved in an intuitive and visual way through the use of wizards, tick boxes and drag-and-drop functionality.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Stephen Davis


    Phone: +44 20 3320 5000

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