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Fluentgrid Limited (Formerly Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd.)
Provided by:Fluentgrid Limited (Formerly Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd.)
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The mPower™ Smart Utility Product Suite is an end-to-end system for utilities to manage their meter-to-cash, customer care and meter data management processes. It has been built from ground up to cater to the specific needs of utility business processes and is future proof to enable smart utility transformation.
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    The mPower™ Suite is designed to be a complete meter-to-cash management, customer care and meter data management suite for distribution utilities. Built on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with an advanced framework for integration with utility GIS, meter data acquisition system and utility ERP’s, the mPower™ suite is designed to help utility revenue protection and to modernize and automate most customer facing tasks. The Customer Care module provides a 360 degree analysis for the customer care representatives to provide faster and efficient customer care through multiple channels. The suite also provides customer self-service through multiple channels to reduce costs spent on customer care while providing features such as online energy (or commodity) analysis, bill and consumption history and for requests or complaints tracking and resolution. The Energy Audit module for utilities also helps utilities track and prevent or stop energy losses – either technical or commercial – across their entire distribution network and the MDM system of the mPower™ Suite tracks consumption at the consumer level to reduce energy usage through education and also provides accurate billing for either pre-paid or post-paid. Built for R-APDRP projects in India, the latest version adheres to both global as well as standards set by the Power Finance Corporation and the Ministry of Power in India.

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    The modules of the mPower™ system are organized on the basis of their function. Modules such as Metering, Billing, Collections provide the core functions which are achieved through the other modules such as Consumer Enrollment (New Service Connection), Energy Audit, Debt Management, Fraud Vigilance and Legal, Business Intelligence (and dashboards), Web Self-Service, Customer Service and Contact Center Management. The modules of the Smart Grid side of the mPower™ Suite also include the Automated Metering Infrastructure and the Meter Data Management System. The primary goal for the entire suite is reduction of energy losses and increase in energy savings through smart grid technologies.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Winston S.K. Adams


    Phone: +919959911255

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