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ROC Revenue Assurance

Subex Limited
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Provided by:Subex Limited
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Version:v 5.0
ROC Revenue Assurance provides continuous monitoring and revenue protection needed in today's changing telecommunications environment. It is designed to detect not only potential revenue loss, but also to assist operators with the investigation, diagnosis, and recovery of these revenues and with their ongoing protection.
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    Pattern Overview

    ROC™ Revenue Assurance is a first-of-its-kind, complete revenue assurance solution, designed to tackle critical challenges across the entire revenue chain. It offers a set of pre-configured solution templates to address revenue assurance challenges inherent to individual service verticals: Wireless, Fixed, Cable MSPs, and MVNOs. These solution templates address revenue assurance issues across multiple functional areas, such as service fulfillment, usage integrity, retail billing, interconnect/wholesale billing, and content settlement. This helps customers dramatically reduce the time required to implement or extend the coverage of their revenue assurance practices. Moreover, customers can easily reconfigure or remodel existing templates to accommodate changing business requirements. ROC Revenue Assurance is designed not only to detect potential revenue loss, but also to assist an operator with its investigation, diagnosis and recovery of these revenues. ROC Revenue Assurance is highly effective in both traditional circuit-switched and Next Generation packet-switched service environment. ROC Revenue Assurance detects the symptoms of leakage, prevent incidents before they reach the customer bill, accelerate resolution times, improve cross-business communication, and enable Revenue Assurance teams to align their successes with broader organizational goals - such as higher margins and customer satisfaction.

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  • -Technical Details

    • ROC Revenue Assurance’s advanced workflow management helps in capturing leakage, assigning cost and tracking recovery. • ROC Revenue Assurance’s robust case management increases operational speed which leads to productivity improvements. • ROC Revenue Assurance’s Dynamic Intuitive Cube Engine (DICE) enables comprehensive leakage investigation at various levels by providing dynamic views of the RA universe. • ROC Revenue Assurance advanced trending capability, powerful reconciliation, advanced analytics, pre-packaged RA metrics and advanced SLA driven workflow. • ROC Revenue Assurance helps in assuring Order Entry and CPE Provisioning to Billing Configuration and Invoice presentation.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Raghunath Menon


    Phone: +918066968700

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