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ConnectCore - Core is a unique core banking application that combines a strong technical platform with rich functionality to deliver a delightful user experience at the same time meet your ever changing market requirements and demonstrate your agility. It is THE solution for New Generation Banking.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    ConnectCore Core Bank is the New Generation Banking Application designed to address the needs of banks operating in todays complex business environment. Offered on a technologically superior wicket framework, ConnectCoreCore Bank ensures a lightweight user interface with capabilities to meet growing expectations of todays digital, multi-channel customers. It is built on a superior technology platform that is browser and database independent and ts into an SOA environment. With fine-grained web services that can easily integrate with other systems, ConnectCoreCore Bank works in concert with your existing IT environment bringing down the TCO. ConnectCore - Core Bank can be combined with the flexible Frontend and Data Management solution from the IDEALINVENT stable and transform into a powerful, comprehensive and complete solution for banks operating in todays dynamic environment. Is your core bank ready for tomorrows challenges? If not, then ConnectCore is an answer.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    A banks customer today checks his account balance on the internet, makes a payment instruction via his smartphone and visits the ATM to make a deposit. And at any time during these transactions, if he has a question he simply calls a phone banking core to get an answer. Today, technology, channels and processes to regulatory environments have changed substantially but core banking applications have not. ConnectCore solves exactly this problem.

  • -Technical Details

    ConnectCore - Core Bank has all the functions that are typical of a retail core banking application like a. Customer Management b. Accounts (Savings, Current, Deposit, Consumer Loans, Foreign Exchange, Cards) c. Payments Also in the product roadmap are the modules pertaining to trade finance and P2P lending.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Nikhil Rudrappa


    Phone: +91 80 2860 8105

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