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The EDI Link (Including a "Virtual Print Driver" that captures data from images.)

EC Dynamics, Inc.
IBM PureFlex System
Provided by:EC Dynamics, Inc.
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Version: 5.1
Extracts information from one or more source; Transforms it for one or more use; Loads it to one or more target-system. One device, a virtual print driver, is distributed to the data source where the tool is installed to provide amazing data capture results, within minutes. Enabled on PureSystems for integrated expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    This is the easiest, most cost effective way to capture and distribute information internally and across the supply-chain, in any format and without anyone having to change their existing business processes. The EDI Link, a supply-chain management data capture / sharing SAS eliminates: redundant data entry; the need to print, then fax or scan and send primary information source documents in order to share transaction data. The target data can be captured from any source such as: a spreadsheet; Accpac, Crystal Reports, SAP, Filemaker, custom built etc... No Exceptions! The EDI Link's Virtual Printer tool can be provided at no cost when a software solution is required by the data source. Additional redundancies are eliminated when the data source chooses to distribute files, in the same "Send" session, to any number of recipients. Through-put, upload to download, including: data cleansing; validating; blank field filling; and, generating PDFs or importable files (XML, CSV, etc.) to recipients’ specifications, takes less than five minutes. Documents can be simultaneously printed to the default hard copy printer. This is a fully scalable service. The EDI Link is quick to set up; no special skills needed; transparent to Users; and, ready to go in minutes. Free download.

    Business Case

    This SAS adds EDI capability to any product such as DB2, Lotus, Informix developed applications and IMS. It enables data collection to be pushed closer to the source and effortlessly shared across the supply-chain including ABI and/or CADEX. This service has the marketing potential to: re-engage current clients; develop prospects; and, generate new, long-term, sustainable, retain able VAN based revenue. Users, driven by cost savings and environmental concerns, increase network usage by promoting the service, and then distributing free software to trading partners. Subsequent Users do not have to alter their current business methods in order to reduce internal costs and achieve compliance to any trading partner-needs. This makes The EDI Link a highly marketable service. We offer a proven technology and business model that attracts all sizes of Users: Maw & Paws through to Global companies, across all markets. Our current service targets exporting / importing companies moving goods into and across the United States and Canada. Multiple sources using a multitude of technologies contribute information to filling Customs Entry and Transportation files: importers; vendors; their suppliers; 3rd Party service providers: carriers; bonding companies; logistics and warehouse services. Recently, Customs regulations have been increased, demanding higher volumes of cleaner information, faster. Our service pushes data capture closer to the source: validates the information; fills blank fields from remote data bases; runs tables and converts the data to many uses. Can be enhanced to meet Customs compliance between any two countries.

    Business Problem

    R.O.I. on EDI depends upon participation of all current and future Trading Partners and Service Providers. Many companies are satisfied with a compliance rate between 20 & 40%. The cost of collecting the data in a readable file, both in-house and across the supply chain poses the major issue to attracting participants. The EDI Link improves this EDI experience by enabling any company to be 100% compliant, without altering their current processes.

  • -Technical Details

    Tools to Capture Data from any source: • Internal Reports & Forms; faxes, PDFs • Spreadsheets or ASCII • Imported Data File • ODBC Link to data bases • EDI Upload • Web Fill able Forms & Input Screens; • TranSendIT, shipment management system. Data Servers: capture information; populate missing fields from remote data bases; filter and validate; store; configure; display on web pages; and distribute importable files to any recipient. Content and format can vary by destination. External Databases, Maintained by data providers to automatically fill information that is not available in internal systems, as data file is created. Data from multiple sources combined for use by many recipients.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: John Welsh


    Phone: 416 447 2001

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