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econols - The Infoliomanager

econob - Informationsdienstleistungs GmbH
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Provided by:econob - Informationsdienstleistungs GmbH
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Version: 1.1
“econols – the Infoliomanager” is an innovative software system for finance experts in the area of portfolio, fund, bond, futures and asset management. This tool allows the calculation of the future trend, by automatically integrating the impact of textual information in the analysis process along with stock prices.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    “econols – the Infoliomanager” is the software application for finance experts.

    The system facilitates the simple combination of derivatives to form so-called Infolios. Why Infolios? The stock prices, stored data and textual information from online-newscasts, business reports and other professional resources are analyzed and illustrated in simple interpretable charts. Using a process of back testing a self-learning system identifies earlier economic events including their impacts in an objective way and applies this knowledge to the trend analysis. The same mining process can be executed on Infolios as well as groups of Infolios.

    The technical analysis integrated within “econols – the Infoliomanager” is the first to allow the processing of charts based on textual information. Thus, well-known techniques in chart pattern recognition and correlation can be used across all data fields. The econols server continuously recalculates the Infolios combined by the user on the basis of the latest information. This up-to-date database – together with the assessment of previous occurrences including their impacts – serves to generate trends that are more accurate, more easily reproducible and remain valid for a longer period. It is simple to save or send the calculated trends in the form of reports furnished with a detailed explanation. The time saved during analysis plus the conditioned breadth and objective information basis is considerable compared to a manual investigation.

    Business Case

    Business Problem

    On a daily basis, analysts are faced with a flood of cross-linked information. In particular, the content of press releases, business reports and media reports have a direct impact on the financial market. ‘econols – the Infoliomanager’ combines the information and thereby provides a further level of analysis in the form of an integrative news graph. Because of the wider information base more accurate and reproducible trends are created.

  • -Technical Details

    The core features of “econols – the Infoliomanager” are:

    • Elaborate chart techniques (indicators, chart and candlestick patterns)
    • Custom-designed combination of financial instruments (e.g. stocks, fund, commodities) to an Infolio
    • Parameterization of the databases of derivatives and Infolios. Storing of all settings assigned to an Infolio
    • Including predefined analyses (e.g. top 10 correlates, temporal shifts, contra-directional developments)
    • Comparison of derivatives, Infolios and performance
    • Trend creation by means of the summing up of all charts and their future impacts concerning single or multiple Infolios
    • Comprehensive report creation of an Infolio trend analysis.

  • - More Information

    Provider Information

    Name: Markus Schicho


    Phone: +43(0)650 4255624

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