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Version:FirstSpirit v5.1
The FirstSpirit™ content management system delivers business value across real world web and e-commerce landscapes. With its usability and functionality FirstSpirit CMS optimizes and consolidates editing processes throughout the enterprise and is the leading CMS solution for seamless integration with IBM Smarter Commerce.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    FirstSpirit is an internationally established content management system for the efficient creation, management, and publication of digital content aimed at specific target groups and for all relevant channels (corporate websites, e-commerce, intranet, extranet, mobile, enterprise portals, social media). It is a Java-based client/server application which uses the most modern technology and up-to-date standards in all its components. The CMS is based on the principles of high usability and best-of-breed. Open interfaces allow companies to easily and seamlessly integrate FirstSpirit e.g. into IBM Smarter Commerce environments and other third party solutions to provide enhanced content management functionality and to utilize established tools directly inside the CMS. Thanks to the FirstSpirit AppCenter there is also a universal solution for the rapid, straightforward integration of almost any web or desktop application into the CMS, e.g. social media, analytics, image databases, office programs. In this way FirstSpirit optimizes content workflows while the extraordinary usability ensures efficient editing processes and joy of use for the editors. FirstSpirit offers a convenient browser-based client for both, power users and occasional content editors. As a central content platform FirstSpirit reduces the complexity of content management processes and helps to safe time and costs maintaining successful, state-of-the-art web and e-commerce sites.

    Business Case

    FirstSpirit CMS integrates with IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite, IBM Smarter Commerce, IBM Connections, IBM Worklight, IBM Marketingcenter and Tealeaf Analytics.

    It is a leading platform for the creation, standardization, management, and publishing of data, applications and processes in organizations through its innovative and future-proof technology. It provides the business opportunities to: - boost the efficiency of editing processes by integrating commerce, portal, database or other third-party-systems as well as web applications directly in the CMS so that editors can work conveniently with all integrated applications in their central content cockpit without ever having to leave FirstSpirit - generate synergy-effects by reusing content for different output channels and formats - consolidate heterogeneous system environments with one central WCM solution for multi-language or multi-project websites - maintain consistency throughout all web channels and projects by automatically providing a consistent look & feel following the corporate design These capabilities mean significant cost and time savings thanks to efficient content management processes. With its many outstanding features – in both the technical functions as well as the economic performance – FirstSpirit is a well established Content Management System for companies with high demands.

    Business Problem

    Enterprises operating internationally or hosting many websites for various brands are facing the task of creating and managing corporate and local content from a variety of sources to publish it in multiple languages, channels, formats and to different target groups in a consistent look and feel. FirstSpirit makes content management easy even for complex projects, solving problems like inefficiency and inconsistency in web communications.

  • -Technical Details

    Feature highlights include: • Multi-client-capability • Multiple publishing channels • Seamless integration of best of breed solutions: portals, databases, DMS, e-commerce, PIM, Social Media, Office integration, analysis, search, video management, AppCenter to use web applications directly in the CMS, e.g. image databases or geolocation • Multi language support • High-Availability and scalability: Architecture supports bulk data • User-friendly interfaces: JavaClient for power users and WebClient for regular users • Integrated media asset management (MAM) • Workflow management • Compliance, restorability, versioning and historization • Personalization: Personalizing the display of content

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    Provider Information

    Name: Oliver Jaeger


    Phone: +49 (0) 231 286 61 66

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