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Plenary™ - Enterprise Decision and Authorization Management Platform

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Plenary™ is an enterprise authorization solution for implementing and managing wide spread corporate governance over the most fiscally, operationally and legally sensitive areas of a company’s operations.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    PlenaryTM delivers an extensive process application portfolio empowered and enabled by a fully configurable Delegation of Authority rule execution engine that translates the most current executive rule set across all governance applications and processes.

    It also contains a revolutionary management platform that allows the customer to modify virtually any critical aspect of the application in a non-code based manner, enabling self-sufficiency and reduced reliance on a solution provider or vendor for long term operation.

    PlenaryTM   allows users to directly “insert their rules” governing all decision and approval processes directly to the process itself in a completely non code based fashion. More so, decision oversight through Plenary processes can be implemented as either human centric decisions executed as a process stage by specific organizational stakeholders, or as automatic systems approvals that once checking the rules governing a decision will immediately take an action consistent with the rules underlying that decision and then forward that decision to the next stage of the process

    With PlenaryTM, the organization can achieve unprecedented levels of fiscal and operational control, while insuring internal and external compliance and reducing risk.


    Business Case

    Business Problem

  • -Technical Details

    Creating Improved Financial Governance (Cost Control & Reduction): operational expense control and reduction, better cash management, improved oversight on contracts.

    Increased Compliance and Reduced Legal Risk: improved auditability over financial reporting, better regulatory compliance, reduced risk on legal claims and payment approvals.

    Balancing Operational Governance with Operational Dexterity: control over commercial transactions, managing vendor contracts within daily market operations, processing requests for services, becoming more commercially competitive through deployment of enhanced portal applications.

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    Provider Information

    Name: Jon Wiener


    Phone: +971 50 738 6359 (Mobile)

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