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Montran Global Payments System

Montran Corporation
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Provided by:Montran Corporation
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Montran Global Payments System is a flexible solution for automating payment processing for any financial institution. GPS solutions range from simple gateway systems to fully integrated solutions built around payments hubs across the enterprise. Now enabled on IBM PureSystems, delivering integrated patterns of expertise.
  • - Business Value

    Pattern Overview

    The Montran Global Payments System (GPS) is an online system for the automatic processing of all payments, both foreign and domestic. It is a world leading product, written in Java® and using a standard browser (thin-client) user interface. In addition to being a SWIFT Ready application, Montran's GPS has certified interfaces to clearing and settlement systems all over the world.

    Montran’s GPS Solutions brings to the marketplace the answer for rapidly changing domestic and worldwide regulations; needs for managing risk and liquidity in the current global volatile financial climate; quickly increasing market requirements, competition and volumes; globalization; and fast paced changing technology.

    The Montran GPS is a multi-tiered, scalable solution; it's strength lies in its flexibility. GPS not only streamlines operations, it conforms to the Bank’s way of handling transactions. Features are readily customized, and procedures can be programmed to respond to needs on an account-by-account basis. Flexibility for meeting future requirements is also provided.

    The Montran GPS system features end-to-end security, remote payment initiation, electronic payment processing, comprehensive risk and liquidity management, complete system monitoring and total regulatory compliance.

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  • -Technical Details

    • Flexible Multibank/Multibranch Configurations • Interfaces to SWIFT, Fax, Internet and local Clearing Systems • Integrated Customer Information Database • Integrated Automatic and Manual Payment Processing • Automatic Accounting/Banking System Interface • Multicurrency Payment Processing • Compliance Checking using Anti-Money Laundering, OFAC and other lists

    •Check Production and Reconciliation • Electronic Banking Services • Electronic Banking Statement Module • Customer Billing System • Liquidity Management and Scheduling • User and Administration Functions • Automatic and On-command Production of Reports • Personnel and Hardware Security • Complete Backup and Recovery Protection

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    Provider Information

    Name: Mr. Martin Walsh


    Phone: 1 (212) 684-5214

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